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Automotive T-Box Ranking and Comparison Analysis Report 2021 performs a comparison of T-BOX parameters of 15 suppliers, and the comparative items include:

  • Cut

  • Energy consumption

  • Support for 5G

  • 4G support

  • V2X support

  • Positioning aid

  • Sensor support

  • Integrated antennas

  • Integrated central gateways

  • Network security and encryption

  • Vehicle connectivity

  • If OTA is supported

  • Remote control

  • API interface support

  • Storage capacity

  • Authentication status

  • Mass production capacity

  • Number of designated clients

  • Mass production shipments

Answers to key questions

T-BOX Software Development Trend

What functions do you think will be extended to the T-BOX software and what are the future trends?

In the future, the T-BOX software must have the functions of the TSN protocol. TSN refers to a set of “sub-standards” formulated on the basis of specific application requirements under the IEEE802.1 standards. It aims to establish a time-sensitive “universal” mechanism for Ethernet protocols to ensure temporal certainty in network data transmission.

At the same time, data shaping is used to ensure that the delay reaches the microsecond level (typically no more than 250 microseconds per bridge) and to ensure that reliable communication can be applied regardless of link failures. , cable breaks and other errors.

This option ensures that copies of critical traffic can be transmitted over a disjointed path in the network, leaving only those packets that reach the destination first, thus achieving transparent redundancy and ultra-high reliability, which is especially important for unmanned driving.

T-BOX function is currently based on data collection and transfer, and will evolve into many functions such as data collection, editing, analysis, control, OTA, integration of multiple ECU information and analysis, etc.

Trend of T-BOX hardware integration

In your opinion, what is the direction of the development of the hardware integration of T-BOX products?

In order to increase the bandwidth and achieve low latency, T-BOX will add an Ethernet interface in the future and gradually become the standard, now generally 100M, some 1G. T-BOX will be integrated into the gateway to assume the switch function. T-BOX can also consider integration with the domain controller.

3-4-way ADCs will become the mainstream, and most of them are currently 1-2-way ADCs.

T-BOX products currently manufactured by Hopechart can also perform the function of in-line exhaust gas monitoring.

Bottleneck for T-BOX sellers to break

T-BOX is a necessary communication component of vehicles and performs a large number of IT tasks. In your opinion, what are the technical bottlenecks that T-BOX suppliers might encounter in the future?

As T-Box will undertake more functions in the future, it needs to integrate more applications. This should not only increase memory and processing power, but also increase the complexity of software system development (for example, SOA should be isolated between different applications). Software capabilities are a major challenge for traditional T-BOX vendors.

Main topics covered:

1 Introduction to Jinzhi Prize Ranking

1.1 Introduction and Importance of Jinzhi Price Ranking

1.2 Evaluation rules

1.3 Product classification table

2 T-Box classification rules

2.1 Evaluation parameters

2.2 Scoring rules

3 T-Box classification

3.1 2021 Automotive T-Box Ranking Overview

3.2 T-Box 2021 Automotive Ranking Details

3.3 Key points of view and conclusions of the interviews with experts

4 Full comparison of T-Box products

4.1 Comparison of network communication capabilities

4.2 Comparison of positioning bracket and sensor bracket

4.3 Integration comparison – Antenna, network security and encryption

4.4 Comparison of remote control, API support and storage capacity

4.5 Comparison of product size, weight and power consumption

4.6 Comparison of Integration Central Gateway, Vehicle Connectivity, OTA Support and Algorithm Support

4.7 Comparison of certification, mass production capacity, number of fixed customers, shipment of mass production

5 Parameters of T-BOX products from suppliers

5.1 Sirun

5.2 T-BOX 5G of Lianchuang electronic technology

5.3 Lianchuang Electronic Technology T-BOX 4G

5.4 Flairecomm Microelectronics 5G T-BOX

5.5 T-BOX Microelectronics Flairecomm

5.6 Valeo

5.7 LG

5.8 JKC-300 test

5.9 inBOX 5.0 test

5.10 Continental

5.11 LANYOU technology

5.12 Bee cloud

5.13 Harman

5.14 Bosch

5.15 Visteon

5.16 Ficosa

5.17 i-Tage

5.18 Wire

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