3 notable Apple impulses that will interest marketers


Apple has been making headlines in recent days with the announcement of the iPhone 13 and other new products such as the latest version of the Apple Watch and the new iPad Mini. As of September 15, the term “iPhone 13” had 505,000 tweets in Singapore while the hashtag #AppleEvent had 1.02 million tweets. The iPhone maker also made new strides in the streaming and fitness space, and soon after released new marketing tools for developers to create personalized marketing assets. As consumers set their sights on Apple’s latest gadgets, here are three steps Apple is taking that will be of interest to the marketing community.

1. App Store Marketing Tools For Developers

Apple’s new marketing tools on its App Store aim to help developers create personalized marketing resources like banners and images to promote their apps on social media. With the new tools, developers can select their app, choose a template, customize the design, and add predefined messages in multiple languages.

Developers can choose from different sizes such as square post, story post, landscape banner ad, portrait banner ad, and link card preview image. Their assets will be instantly available in all appropriate sizes, allowing for easier sharing. Marketing tools can also be used to create short links or embeddable codes that lead to developers’ App Store product pages and display their app icon, QR code, or App Store badge.


2. Fitness + streaming subscription extends to 15 new countries

Apple Fitness +, its fitness service designed entirely around the Apple Watch, is expanding to 15 new countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Russia and Portugal. The workouts will also be available in six new languages. Apple includes three-month trials with the new Apple Watches.

3. Apple previews shows on Apple TV +

The event opened with a video highlighting some of the shows that will premiere on the company’s streaming service Apple TV +, including the second season of The morning show with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston. From original series, movies and docuseries, CEO Tim Cook (pictured) said Apple TV + currently has over 500 nominations and 130 wins for its shows. This year, it also amassed 35 prime-time Emmy nominations.

During Apple’s call to investors in the third quarter of 2021, CFO Luca Maestri said that its new service offerings, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, Apple News +, Apple Card, Apple Fitness + as well as the Apple One plan, continue to expand across users, content and functionality and contribute to the overall growth of services. According to him, the number of transactional and paid accounts on its digital content stores reached “a new all-time high” in the June quarter in every geographic segment, and paid accounts have increased by double digits.

Paid subscriptions also continued to show strong growth, with more than 700 million paid subscriptions across all of its platform services. According to Maestri, this is an increase of over 150 million from 2020 and almost four times the number of paid subscriptions it had just four years ago.

Separately, the new iPhone 13 will run the iOS 15 first announced by Apple in June of this year, along with other operating systems such as iPad OS15, macOS Monterey, and watchOS 8, as part of its policy. confidentiality. IOS 15 contains additional features that help developers improve the functionality of the app while maintaining user privacy. For example, users can share their current location with an app just once, without giving the developer additional access after the session. Developers can customize the share button for the current location and integrate it directly into their apps.

Meanwhile, Apple will also ask the user for permission to enable personalized ads on its App Store on iOS 15 and serve relevant ads on the store through analysis of users’ habits on what they are. read, buy and research. This is in addition to the current user permission that developers are required to seek before tracking through Advertisers Identity, which came into effect with the launch of iOS 14 and has given rise to many debates in adland.

With the app privacy report in iOS 15, users can see how often each app has used the permission they previously granted to access their location, photos, camera, microphone, and contacts on the web. over the past seven days. Users can also find out who their data can be shared with by seeing all third-party domains contacted by an app.

In the Mail app, Mail privacy protection prevents senders from using web beacons to collect user information. The new feature helps users prevent senders from knowing when they open an email and hides their IP address so that it cannot be linked to other online activity or used to determine their location.

At the same time, Intelligent Tracking Prevention will hide users’ IP addresses from trackers, which means that they will not be able to use the user’s IP address as a unique identifier to log their activity on the websites and create a profile. about her.

With voice recognition on the device, the audio of users’ requests is processed directly on their iPhone or iPad by default. According to Apple, this fixes unwanted audio recording, which is one of the biggest privacy concerns for voice assistants. For many requests, Siri processing also moves to the device, allowing requests to be processed without an internet connection, such as launching apps, setting timers and alarms, changing settings, or controlling the internet. music.

IOS 15 will also feature iCloud + which combines iCloud with new premium features including iCloud Private Relay, Hide My Email, and extended support for HomeKit Secure Video. Private Relay is a new internet privacy service built into iCloud, allowing users to connect and browse the web more securely and privately. While browsing with Safari, Private Relay ensures that all traffic leaving a user’s device is encrypted, so that no one between the user and the website they are visiting can access and read it, not even Apple or the user’s network provider. All user requests are then sent via two separate internet relays.

Meanwhile, Hide My Email allows users to share unique and random email addresses which forward them to their personal inbox whenever they want to keep their personal email address private. Integrated directly into Safari, iCloud and Mail settings, Hide My Email also allows users to create and delete as many addresses as needed at any time, giving users control over who can contact them.

Earlier this month, the iPhone maker also delayed the launch of child pornography detection tools as it seeks to ‘make improvements’ following criticism from’ customers, advocacy groups , researchers and others, ”media reported previously. in August of this year, in which Apple said one of its goals is to create technology that empowers people and enriches their lives, while helping them stay safe.

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