8 best ASMR apps for your cellphone: relax and enjoy


Take a break and relax with these apps with ASRM videos and audios.

Do you want to sleep like a baby or just relax from the stress of the day? So take a look at the best ASMR apps for your Android phone.

Like it or not, ASMR (“Subjective sensory response to meridians”, translated into Spanish as “subjective sensory response to meridians”), to say the least about drug addiction. This type of content has become incredibly popular, dominating all possible audiovisual platforms.

If there is anything that can be recognized, it is that these sounds are very relaxing, and are of great help to many people in relieving stress, daily stress and even sleep for many. ‘others.

8 best ASMR apps for your cellphone: relax and enjoy

So, if you like ASMR or want to try it, we leave you a list of the 8 best apps to install on your mobile and enjoy this type of content whenever and wherever you want.

The best apps to help you sleep

Best ASMR Apps for Android

  • ASMR tingling
  • ASRM crusher
  • ASMR. Breakfast
  • cup of soap
  • rainy mood
  • Mindwell: sleep state and laboratory
  • Youtube
  • spotify

In the next collection of ASMR apps for Android mobile phone, you will find apps for all tastes, alternatives for resting, having fun or just listening to relaxing sounds in the background. It’s up to you to choose what suits you best!

ASMR tingling

Tingles ASMR is a great app that will help you with your convenience. It’s a library of sounds like this to listen to while you sleep and get restful sleep.

Best of all, it features hundreds of different artists specializing in ASMR, and you can play content with the screen off, download videos, create your own playlists, and more.

It’s completely free and doesn’t contain much-loved ads, especially in an app designed to enhance comfort and relaxation. Do you dare to try it?

ASMR anatomy

ASRM Slicing is a game where you can enjoy the satisfying feeling of slicing kinetic sand while listening to the relaxing sound of doing so.

You can choose from different things to chop and hash and why not destroy them if you want. This is an application primarily designed to give you a moment of relaxation at the height of the stress you may be feeling during the day.

ASMR. Breakfast

ASMR Breakfast: Fun game with ASMR sounds

ASMR Breakfast: Fun game with ASMR sounds

We can tell you a bit about the ASMR breakfast. It’s a completely free game that is curious and fun to say the least. Essentially, it gives you the chance to whip up the perfect breakfast and start your day on the right foot.

Now you might be wondering what does this have to do with ASMR? very simple! As you use the ingredients and continue to prepare, you will be able to hear all the sounds, resulting in a relaxing and satisfying experience.

cup of soap

If you are a consumer of ASMR related content, you have certainly seen videos where soap is cut repeatedly. Well, that’s exactly what a cup of soap is.

It is a completely free game where you will have the possibility to cut, sculpt, cut out or create shapes with different types of soap and have a very satisfying experience.

Basically you will enjoy the sound and feel of making different cups of soap but right on your cell phone, whenever and wherever you want for free.

rainy mood

rainy mood

Rainy Mood Free: helps you sleep, study and relax

This is a tool that aims to help you sleep in the best possible way thanks to “Spatial 3D Audio” where 3D sounds evolve over time in the form of mini-stories, creating an incredible and immersive experience. which helps you come to terms with my sleep faster.

It has many popular ASMR players like rain, crickets, storms and many more, a combination of natural sounds, customizable experience, built-in artificial intelligence and other great functions that we invite you to try.

Mindwell: sleep state and laboratory

Mindwell is an interesting app that will help you take your meditation to the next level, relax more deeply and get more rest.

A combination of custom tones (isochrones) and custom frequencies (music theory) are used to synchronize with your brain waves and enhance the effects of meditation.

It offers different modes and programs for personal daily meditation, a large library with over 350 comprehensive meditations and guides, the ability to create playlists and statistical tracking to measure your progress and mood.



YouTube: hundreds of ASMR videos and audios

What can we say about YouTube? One of the largest audiovisual platforms in the world. However, we’re not here to tell you about YouTube itself, but all the ASMR content you can find there.

Just enter the word “ASRM” in the search bar so that you can instantly access millions of videos and audios with this theme for you to enjoy anytime.

Suffice to say that it is completely free and that it works on any mobile device compatible with the application. Plus, the ability to create playlists and favorites that sync with your Google account.


Spotify: The platform that hosts content in ASMR format

Spotify: The platform that hosts content in ASMR format

Last but not the least on the list is Spotify. The music streaming giant also has an impressive collection of ASMR content waiting for you.

Many of the best and most famous ASMR content creators upload their content to this platform, where you can also find niche playlists in this format that are around 3 minutes long per clip.

Spotify ASMR, the playlist that will help you sleep better with your Android device

In short, if you are looking for the best ASMR apps, we have left you with an excellent selection of apps, where you just have to choose the one you like the most and start playing with the audio of your choice.

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