A Round Rock-based cloud-based software and mobile apps company has filed for a permit with a state regulator for a new building.


Featured photo: Street view of the proposed site for the office building. Image: Google Streets

Posted: 1/12/2021

by Art Benavidez

Pflugerville (Travis County) – A Round Rock-based software and mobile apps company has filed for a permit with a state regulatory body for a new building.

The undeveloped property sits on retail land for Stone Hill Town Center, a shopping center located at 19421 Wilke Lane in the northeastern part of town.

Smartwebs inc. proposes to develop a four story, 36,000 square foot office building with a core and a shell. The future tenant spaces being illuminated seashells.

The reported construction cost estimate is $ 6.5 million.

The name of the project is Smartwebs office building and construction is scheduled to begin on February 16, 2021 and be completed by May 24, 2023.

The Round Rock office of Mom design is on board the project.

Smartwebs, founded in 2005, provides community management software services to homeowner associations.

The project site is adjacent to a project Lifestyle communities multi-family development which has recently innovated and was the subject of a report in a VBX of November 22 item.

VBX project ID: 2021-82F7

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