ABB updates its digital service for grinding, including mobile app


Global technology company ABB updated ABB Ability Predictive Maintenance for milling, moving it to a cloud-based platform that enables new features including additional trend monitoring and analysis. Used with the new Grinding Connect app, available for iOS and Android, mine operators can check gearless grinder drive performance anywhere via smartphone or tablet.

The upgrade means ABB Ability Predictive Maintenance for grinding is now cloud-based rather than on-premises and includes an all-new mobile app that enables real-time notifications on fleet status.

ABB Ability Predictive Maintenance for Milling provides easy access to Gearless Mill Drive (GMD) system parameters and allows performance to be viewed considering past activity and real-time data and to assess future maintenance needs. It aims to extend the life of crushing assets through better utilization of resources and to support continuous operation and avoid unplanned downtime.

The new ABB Ability predictive maintenance facilitates data collection. The data sample per mine is increased and analyzes and trends are more reliably defined. The solution provides a user experience with fully customizable dashboards, alarms and events, all available on the mobile app.

GMDs are the preferred grinding solution in mines characterized by higher production capacity associated with low ore grades. By eliminating bolt-on mechanical components such as ring gears, sprockets, couplings and gearboxes, GMDs provide ore producers with unmatched uptime, efficiency and durability, while lowering operating costs.

The new version of ABB Ability Predictive Maintenance is unique in the market, and the new Grinding Connect app feels as familiar as the many personal apps we use to monitor settings at home.

ABB draws on 130 years of experience in the mining industry and is a pioneer in integrating electrification, automation and digitalization into the mining industry. The world’s first gearless mill drive was delivered by ABB in 1969 and is still in service. Since then, ABB has sold over 150 units in 23 countries.

A video in English is available here: ABB Ability Predictive Maintenance for grinding.


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