Acquire help! Top 5 iPhone Apps to Escape Sticky Situations


iPhone Tips and Tricks: Here are the top 5 iPhone apps that can help you out of any embarrassing situation.

Stuck in a sticky situation and desperate to get out of it? Well, if you have an Apple iPhone, these magic iPhone tricks and tips can save you a lot of heartache. iPhones offer several amazing features to the users and that is why they belong to the category of premium phones. It’s a pretty expensive phone. However, it can snap you out of moments or conversations that have gone on too long, are boring, or are about something you’d rather avoid. Remember that these iPhone tips and tricks are meant to get you out of a sticky situation. Here we are listing top 5 iPhone apps which have various cool features like generating fake phone calls or SMS.

Here are the 5 best free iPhone apps that can help you get out of a sticky situation next time.

fake call app

Fake Call is an app that lets you set the time and name of the person you want to call from, if you know an awkward moment is coming. You can even create your own voice recordings, if you want to be a bit more careful about that. You can even add a caller profile picture, to make it look more real.

Fake Call Pro App

Fake Call Pro works the same way as Fake Call app. You can set the time and the name of the person you want to call as dad or one of your friends’ names. It will show fake call on your screen. When taking the call, you can hear random voices to make it all the more convincing.

Text Me app

If you are unsure about using fake calls, you can use this Text Me app to generate and send fake text messages to yourself. Text Me does exactly what it says. It lets you send a fake text to yourself with a fake number so you can show it to the person as “proof” and escape the situation.

Kurved App

The Kurved app does more than just call and text. It lets you create class schedules, low battery alerts, appointments, and even plane tickets for your quick escape.

Fake All App

Fake All is a versatile app that not only lets you fake call or text messages but also fake social media messages. With the help of this app, you can send fake notifications that appear to be from Facebook Messenger and Instagram.


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