AGCO adds new autonomous capabilities to Fendt Xaver field robot


AGCO is integrating Apex.OS, a software development kit, into its Fendt Xaver to add new functionality to the autonomous field robot.

Apex.OS is a software development kit (SDK), developed by Apex.AI, a company developing certified security software for mobility and autonomous applications. AGCO has announced the addition of new functionalities to its Fendt Xaver autonomous agricultural robot, integrating Apex.OS.

Autonomous driving components

Apex.AI enabled the AGCO engineering team to integrate several autonomous driving components into the Fendt Xaver, including lidar object detection, collision checking and planning. This technical partnership expands an existing relationship between the two companies. In December 2021, AGCO announced a strategic investment in Apex.AI.

The Fendt Xaver, developed by Fendt as part of a research project, sows seeds on farms around the clock with centimeter precision using Apex.OS software. The Fendt Xaver is said to use 90% less energy than conventional machines due to its lightweight electric design, which produces zero emissions.

Cloud-connected fleet

AGCO leveraged Apex.OS to develop a software stack for Xaver based on automotive industry standards, extending its real-time autonomous capabilities. A cloud-connected fleet of Fendt Xaver robots is app-controlled and provides real-time data from each unit, including location, status and diagnostics.

“Apex.OS is a foundational software framework and development kit for rapidly developing advanced autonomous capabilities,” said Christian Kelber, director of engineering at AGCO. “Technology has helped AGCO shorten R&D times for our smart farming solutions and for the future of highly automated robots. Originating from the automotive industry, Apex.AI allows us to implement safety-critical applications from autonomous driving that can be deployed in our suite of solutions globally.


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