Air Combat Command, contract for the use of Kessel Run ink; Jacque Torson cited


The U.S. Air Force’s Kessel Run software development unit and Air Combat Command have signed a user agreement to facilitate software updates and advance adoption of DevSecOps, the Federal News Network reported on Friday.

Jacque Torson, head of testing and integration at Kessel Run, told FNN that the user agreement marks a departure from the conventional acquisition process.

“It gives us access to the users themselves very early in the design phases. It also gives us access to their key stakeholders and the CCA. This allows them to be an integral part of the design from the start. It doesn’t stop there, they don’t just provide design information at the start, they are there every step of the way as their users are using all the capabilities that we can push as fast as possible and provide feedback. permanently, ”Torson said of the user agreement.

User feedback helps Kessel Run advance software fixes and incorporate new features. Torson stressed the importance of user feedback.

“These comments instead of the profit margins, the comments are really coming from the users themselves,” Torson said. “Their adoption of the software is really how we measure success. If we come up with something and people are like, “I’m not going to touch the fact that I’m not going to use it,” then we’re on the wrong track. “

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