Akeneo Announces Launch of App Store at Annual PXM Summit

Akeneo, the global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM), announced at its annual conference, Unlock 2022, the launch of the Akeneo App Store as part of new product features and benefits launched in its Spring 2022 release. As part of this latest collection of SaaS updates, the company also announced new features and enhancements for Akeneo PXM Studio, including a preview of a powerful new Custom Imports feature, enhancements of its shared catalogs and Onboarder products, and the launch of its latest community edition and managed services release.

Akeneo App Store for speedy customization Akeneo PIM

The Akeneo App Store launches with new apps spanning a wide range of categories, including syndication, e-commerce, data enrichment, and product catalog publishing. Technology solutions such as BigCommerce, ChannelEngine, InBetween, priint, Productsup, Tradebyte by Eikona and Unifai are among the first to launch their apps on the Akeneo App Store. The Akeneo App Store will make it easier than ever for Akeneo PIM customers to tap into valuable product data across a vast ecosystem of commerce technologies. Through the Akeneo App Store, customers can find and activate relevant certified apps, install apps with one click, easily configure them without IT support, and manage these integrations, all directly from Akeneo PIM.

Akeneo has already had great success with its vast ecosystem which offers more than 130 extensions and connectors developed by Akeneo and its partners for its open source and hosted solutions. The brand new Akeneo App Store has replaced the Akeneo Marketplace for Growth and Enterprise Edition customers. Akeneo partners will benefit from reaching a wider audience of PIM customers faster than before and are therefore able to realize a greater return on their integration investments while empowering developers through access to training. , support, documentation and certification by Akeneo.

Jorrit Steinz, CEO of ChannelEngine, said: “In November 2019, we partnered with Akeneo to pursue an important common mission: to create a single, centralized source of truth capable of aggregating, standardizing, enriching, localizing and manage product content. for experience-optimized syndication. We are proud to have been an early adopter of the Akeneo App Store and look forward to further expanding the capabilities of the Akeneo PIM by syndicating the best product information from the Akeneo PIM to all the most powerful markets in the world.

Custom imports for easy integration of data from flat files

At the same time, Akeneo provides a preview of custom imports that allow users to take files from any structure and easily map the provided data to their Akeneo PIM catalog. Custom imports remove the time often spent manipulating files by ensuring the types, format, and quality of data delivered to Akeneo PIM is streamlined and consistent. The feature’s intuitive technology also allows users to create and save formats so that after downloading a file once, it will work for that file type every time.

Akeneo Shared Catalogs & Onboarder updates for Enhanced Collaboration

Akeneo’s Spring 2022 release also brings key updates to its data collaboration solutions, Akeneo Shared Catalogs and Akeneo Onboarder. With branded PDF exports, support for additional languages, and an improved catalog grid and management experience, shared catalogs eliminate friction when it comes to sharing accurate product information with stakeholders. external and internal that do not need direct access to the PIM. Akeneo Onboarder users can now collaborate more easily than ever with their suppliers by posting in-app notifications, reviews, product statuses, and more.

V6 for customers on annual release offerings such as Community Edition or Managed Services

Finally, the company is releasing the latest version of its open source PIM and managed services offering, Akeneo PIM V6, which will be available to all customers not currently using Akeneo’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product. Akeneo. The latest version includes over 75 features released in 2021, including table attributes, custom exports, and more. Akeneo’s SaaS customers immediately benefited from these new features as they were made available throughout the year

“With our Spring 2022 release, in addition to the more than 75 releases delivered by Akeneo in 2021, we are demonstrating our commitment to investing in key strategic areas of our product line,” said Nicolas Dupont, CPO of Akeneo. “From product data collection to enrichment and distribution capabilities, Akeneo is setting a benchmark for how to empower customers and partners with a solution for PXM that continuously innovates and delivers real business impact to virtually no any scale.”

Akeneo will showcase these updates at Unlock 2022, the annual global PIM and PXM community summit taking place March 15-16 in Paris, with demos of the latest features and capabilities from the Akeneo product team. To learn more, visit: https://unlock.akeneo.com/

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