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Altbase has just announced that its new mobile application version will be launched very soon on the BSC for the altcoins exchange competitor. The previous app sees a completely redesigned platform allowing its users to trade the native $ ALTB token with a range of token options listed on Altbase, including several altcoins that are currently not available on most exchanges. recognized.

The token, derived from 100xCoin, saw the migration to Altbase a few weeks ago, and has the ambition to become the first altcoin exchange with a developing platform since its inception on the Binance Smart Channel. The token recently saw its price increase 5 times following a $ 25 billion buyout executed by the team, in an effort to achieve better market value before the new app goes live.

A redemption executed + a new mobile application

The buyout has been executed in preparation for the upcoming release of the new mobile app, with 25BNB sparking a cascade of purchases to keep up with the soaring effort. $ ALTB 24-hour low price of $ 0.0028 to $ 0.015, with a new market cap test of $ 7 million and a daily volume meter of $ 250,000.

The new app will be available on both IOS and Android, with a dual-platform verification process required for new users. This involves applying a valid phone number from the list of accepted countries, which will then send an authentication code allowing the user to further progress in creating a PIN code for frequent connections.

The app has a simple and easy to use interface that can be used in dark or light mode at user’s choice, allowing it to be used in different lighted environments. Users can also track their to send and to receive the amounts of past transactions, as well as the price movement of the listed coins, including the significant $ BTC, $ ETH, $ BNB, and $ DOGE coins. The application allows for customization of contacts from wallet address, giving users the option to add email and name to saved addresses.

Credit and debit cards will be available for use on the new app, possibly the most significant addition to the release, allowing users to make direct purchases of crypto listed on Altbase with fiat money. This is the first step for the company to make the $ ALTB token into a widely available matching token for altcoins.

Ken Llamas CEO Update Video

Altbase CEO Ken Llamas just released a video inform the community of its recent developments and of the project’s transition to a more focused structure, in order to facilitate the publication of their new version of application at the company level. A restructuring of the internal team was carried out, with 5 current back-end developers and 2 UX designers, as well as a financial reorganization in order to perpetuate the company’s funds.

Ken explains that the recent absence from social media was due to the fact that management needed a proper turnaround due to the former FUD associated with the company, which allowed the Altbase team to get on with it. focus again on the current project and proposal. The decision to move away from the predecessor 100xCoin is highlighted in the update video, as Altbase aims to move project management away from meme coin status, to put the application offering and the upcoming NFT market at the top. plan of the proposal.

Ken’s video conclusion continues with an announcement regarding their efforts to keep the content structured, updating the community with weekly progress every Monday. The app currently has 30,000 users, who will soon be able to benefit from the new app, and in addition, all $ ALTB and Junkie Cat NFT holders will receive future offers once the mobile version is launched.

Shedding light on Altcoins with Altbase and the $ ALTB token

Altbase’s vision is to become the go-to platform for buying and selling altcoins, meme coins and DeFi crypto, their full exchange, made possible by the partner program and regular token lists. The team is in the process of launching the new version of the app, plunging the project into phase 2 to bring the additional platforms, including a TVN market and inter-chain interoperability.

$ ALTB will become the base token for all transactions and pairings instead of $ BNB, once an exchange license permit is acquired by Altbase. This means that the DEX has the green light to become a full-fledged trading platform, which will add significant utility to the token and potentially bring volume once future pairs are executed. It is also used as a loyalty reward, which, once earned, can be reused for redemption.

Token holders will have access to a suite of products offered with Altbase DEX, including merchandise, services and the range of token options available. With the implementation of decentralized exchange, users can expect new altcoins to be listed on a regular basis once development is complete.

The next step after the release of the new app

Altbase has been working hard to build an NFT Marketplace after the app’s launch, offering digital creators to sell their exclusive art on a platform available to $ ALTB holders. Users will have the option of purchasing these NFTs on an open market and reselling them at their discretion. The release of the new mobile version will be the first step for Altbase to become a full-fledged exchange, and with trades upgrading faster, the new app could potentially keep its recent price movement in the Plus.

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Altbase is always on the lookout for projects with potential in the altcoin market, with the new mobile construction moments of the release to the public and the recent increase in the market value of $ ALTB, the DEX offering could be a potential game changer in the world of crypto exchanges.

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