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San Francisco, U.S., February 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The effects of the pandemic and social distancing measures on the economy have focused restaurant chain Domino’s Pizza’s investment efforts in digital and mobile growth. They turned to partnering with App Samurai when the results of their investments in other platforms hit a dead end, earning exponential returns.

App Samurai’s vast pool of resources and targeting capabilities, its real-time optimization engine, and its dedicated team of mobile growth experts helped Domino’s create a campaign plan to increase ARPU (Average Revenue per user) weekly. Increased plant and event dedicated alarms based on KPIs.

– ARPU of 35%, while providing three times more new users per month on average,
-Install rates per click increased threefold and install rates to sign up increased by 5.5x on average on a monthly basis,
-The monthly income of the cohort is multiplied by three on average, and
-MAU each month an average of 4.5 times.

Since 2016, App Samurai’s passion for mobile growth has resulted in a powerful suite of simple, AI-powered, plug-and-play integrated tools that have become invaluable across a range of increasingly prestigious customers as well as for the acquisition of users. and engagement professionals around the world.

Beril Savuri (Digital Product Manager at Domino’s Turkey): “While the pandemic has become the norm of our lives, the growth of mobile has been even more important for us this year. With vast targeting options, increasing levels of optimization, and always-hands-on customer service and support, App Samurai was exactly what we were looking for, and indeed, we achieved great results together! We value App Samurai as a strategic partner and look forward to continuing our partnership together for good.

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About the Samurai app:
App Samurai is a secure, AI-powered mobile user acquisition platform that serves mobile apps from all verticals to achieve their user acquisition growth goals across the globe, with a 24/7 dedicated account management service, a fully personalized strategy and a large pool of sources. to optimize different types of campaigns.



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