Apple Authorizes Cannabis Delivery Services in the App Store



Cannabis delivery service apps are now allowed on the iPhone. Apple has adapted the rules of the App Store accordingly: Apple recently explicitly excluded “legal cannabis pharmacies” in addition to pharmacies still banned from narcotics or “controlled substances”. The small change in the corresponding passage, which is in passage 1.4 on personal injury, was implemented last month.

As with selling drugs, Apple is also asking cannabis stores that apps can only be set by companies or legal entities and not by individual developers. Cannabis apps must also use a geo-lock to ensure they only deliver goods to the approved area, Apple says in the App Store review guidelines.

While individual iOS apps on the topic of weed have long existed, delivery services have so far been clearly excluded from the App Store – vendors have had to make the switch to the web. Apple has now pushed the change, Google has so far banned the sale of cannabis for Android apps available for download through the Play Store. Apple did not give a reason for this sudden exit.

No more Macs and me

No more Macs and me

The manager of such a delivery service, which operates in the US state of California, suspected in front Week weekApple is responding to the ongoing legalization of hemp products in the United States. He hopes Google will adapt its own rules accordingly.

Regarding tobacco and electronic cigarettes, Apple’s ban will not change, the trade in tobacco products will remain banned. The same goes for vaping products, which Apple ditched completely from the App Store in late 2019. Since then, apps controlling certain functions of e-cigarettes via Bluetooth have also been banned. “Applications that encourage the consumption of tobacco, vaping products, illegal drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol are not allowed in the App Store,” continues Apple.


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