Apple CEO Tim Cook on App Store and EU Digital Markets Law in New Interview [VIDEO]


Tim Cook has targeted the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) in a new interview, calling it an iPhone security threat.

Speaking at the VivaTech virtual conference, Apple’s CEO said parts of the tough new law currently being drafted in Brussels would not be in “the best interests of the user.” The DMA seeks to strengthen competition controls and antitrust rules in Europe and would target large tech companies, including Apple.

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During the interview – which can be seen below – Cook challenged provisions in the DMA that could require Apple to open the App Store and allow users to download iPhone apps outside of that store.

“If you take an example where I don’t think it’s in the best interest, that the current DMA language that is being discussed would force sideload on the iPhone,” Cook said. “That would be another way to get apps on the iPhone, because we’re looking at this, it would destroy the security of the iPhone.”

Cook spoke about Apple’s control over its App Store and how loosening that control would put users at higher risk of malware.

“Take malware as an example, and Android has 47 times more malware than iOS,” the executive explained. “Why? It’s because we designed iOS so that there is only one App Store and all apps are reviewed before going to the store.

“At Apple, we always focus on the user and their best interest,” Cook said.


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