Apple is launching a new program for its App Store to help lesser-known developers


Apple has launched a new campaign for developers in its App Store called Founders, which aims to put select developers in the spotlight with editorial support across Europe, while celebrating the apps that are currently available at home.

Three developers are participating in this new initiative, such as Turborille (opens in a new tab), Snow Print Studios (opens in a new tab)and no studio (opens in a new tab)all of which were chosen by Apple because of their potential for growth, innovation, and how their apps can reflect the countries in which they are based.

This also means that these will receive editorial support for the App Store, so you can spot stories or additional content featuring them in the ‘Today’ tab when you open the store on your iPad, iPhone or Mac. , or perhaps via a newsletter and social media handles.

Encouragingly, this seems to be giving smaller developers their due on the App Store, to help shine a light on projects where their marketing budget might be next to none. It’s a good start, and there’s a lot more that can be done for this program for other developers.

Analysis: more developer support is always welcome

Introducing the iOS App Store

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If you go to the App Store, you’ll most likely see something like the above, where footballers, Call of Duty, and popular game icons featured over the years will shine. But for someone new to the store, it will be difficult to break through.

Since the App Store launched in 2008, it has grown from a respectable market stall to a supermarket of stratospheric proportions, but that doesn’t mean Apple has forgotten about up-and-coming developers. This is where founders can do a lot of good here, especially for Europe.

Gaining additional support and exposure in Apple-curated newsletters, social platforms and, of course, the App Store will help those thousands of developers, not just the three featured above.

Accessibility section in the Apple App Store

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However, while that’s a good start, it would be good to see more features in areas where Apple is trying to help underrepresented users, such as accessibility. As iOS 16 and other software updates are expected to arrive later this year, let’s see other barely represented developers who can take advantage of what’s coming for visually and hearing impaired users.

Currently, when you’re in the apps tab of the app store, you have to scroll through the featured charts of many categories until you almost reach the bottom, where the accessibility apps are.

Let’s see this is more widespread, and also have developers in the new Founders program showcasing this category in all its aspects.

Either way, it’s a good start for developers with this program and encouraging that a giant like Apple is clearly trying to take care of other developers who just want to get their apps more widely known.


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