Apps you might need when you get back to the office


You will provide all of this information through the app or web portal designated by the company, some developed in-house, others from external vendors. For example, to start using the free ReturnSafe app that you pick up from the App Store or Google Play, you need to enter a workplace code unique to your company. You can then download immunization cards, test results, and other information your business needs, which ReturnSafe can then verify.

“As COVID becomes rampant over the next two years, we will be changing the way employers and employees capture health data across the enterprise,” says Jason Story, Co-Founder of ReturnSafe. The Austin, Texas-based company lists clients such as the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Kroll, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association, and Sesame Workshop.

Employees using the IBM Digital Health Pass, also available for free in app stores, present a QR code provided by their organization in a digital wallet. You will scan this code when you arrive at work.

ADP, which manages human resources and payroll functions at many companies, has added its own set of ‘return to work’ functionality for clients, including compliance and readiness surveys that help the company assess performance. availability of employees as well as their vaccination status. Based on the results, companies can move their staff to different offices or implement hybrid workplace solutions.

A question in the free ADP mobile app asks employees if they feel “confident / safe”, “a little nervous” or “anxious / unsafe” about returning to the workplace. And just before returning home, people can be asked if they have had a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms in the past 24 hours.

Private life is primordial

Managing Director Sebastian Seiguer of Emocha Health, a Johns Hopkins spin-off that also produces a free health screening app, concedes that “the protocol and technology needed” to store vaccination cards and it “is not rocket science “. But confidentiality is paramount.

“If you tell an employee to send you their very personal health information in a way that you don’t have secure and that gets lost, you’ve got a huge problem,” he says. “[You have] an obligation towards the employee to protect his data.

Emocha counts the eyewear chain Warby Parker, the Clark County School District in Las Vegas and the AARP among its customers. When you check in with the Emocha desktop app, your phone will display a yellow, green, or purple badge. Yellow means something disturbing has appeared in your data, which means you shouldn’t be allowed to enter the office. Green means you are good to go. And purple means you’re good to go and vaccinated.

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