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London, UK, December 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain Wire) Looking at what 2021 has uncovered, one thing is clear: Virtual reality is one of the most important aspects that will shape our future. Nevertheless, it is also essential to know which projects will be those who will strive in this new global paradigm! ASTATE is an aggregator, a community that uses a real world economic system that can potentially change augmented reality experiences on a large scale. Thanks to this system, ASTATE can meet the requirements of a wide range of market sectors. In the future, ASTATE intends to provide a single free augmented reality technology that allows you to have a contextualized 3D quality experience in the surrounding world.


One of the goals of Astate World is to create the world’s largest database of large 3D metropolises, which will be recorded on the blockchain, being virtually indestructible and eternal. At ASTATE, they want to deliver a one-of-a-kind virtual reality experience to the cryptocurrency community, bringing users together in one immersive and engaging setting within the boundaries of major metropolitan areas around the world.

Regarding the VR Experience, this new immersive world populated with avatars and 3D objects must allow its users to engage in virtual interactions as deep as those experienced in real life. ASTATE will harness the power of the world’s most powerful real-time 3D creation engine to generate spectacular visualizations and a superior user experience for its customers.


After logging into Astate World in MetAstApp, the user will need to create their own custom avatar from a variety of configurable combinations and give their avatar a name. Once a user has created their avatar and claimed their unique name, this information will be uploaded to your MetAstApp account. With senior software engineers who are responsible for the design, testing and implementation of software applications. In addition to participating in all phases and areas of software development, full-stack engineers will be involved in architectural design, performance evaluation, code review as well as internal tool management.

The greater the number of users who use the platform, the greater the number of NFTs bought and sold. Astate world will generate the NFTs with a monthly production limit, which will be determined by city and sector. In addition, they will make the tourist attractions and historical monuments of the biggest cities in the world accessible at any time and from any place.

It’s possible to see all of this in virtual reality with the Astate program, and you can also build community by adding the ability to collect shops and goods, all of which are redeemable as NFTs. Members will be able to expand and bring even more material due to scarcity and trade, etc. In addition, all NFTs will be traded only on our platform and using the currency $ ASTAT (astate token).


With Astate, users can virtually explore the world’s major landmarks, streets and places from the comfort of their sofa. In this COVID-19 context, it is a simple method to study and travel the world.

Users will be able to entertain and connect with their peers through a fully realistic first-person view of a virtual reality environment, as well as personalize and personalize their avatar.

In addition, members will be able to visit the best shopping districts and access their favorite establishments. In addition, brands will be able to connect with users and offer virtual items (for example, a pair of virtual shoes for your avatar) as well as genuine goods or services (online sports lessons, etc.)


The native token of ASTATE is called ($ ASTAT), and those who own it will be called holders of ASTATE (Astatens). To ensure their project is scalable and investors of all sizes can participate, the ASTATE token ($ ASTAT) has been built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Inclusion, decentralization, and efficiency are key to this project, which is why they launched our public sale on Pancakeswap v2 in the first place. The whole team will do everything to ensure that this project becomes an essential component of the Binance ecosystem.

In addition, ASTAT is a limited availability token. Everything that will exist has already been produced in the form of tokens. For this reason, we believe in a truly fair and decentralized society, and this is why ASTAT was launched in a completely fair manner, with no presales and no team tokens. Pancakeswap received 50% of the total amount of ASTAT tokens with the remaining 50% being burned by sending them to the burn address. Ownership of the contract was transferred and liquidity was restricted at Pancakeswap. In addition, the community fully controls the TOKEN ASTATE.

Overall, the main goal of the ASTATE platform is to enable the intersection of supply and demand for every digital asset that can be traded on the platform. All transactions are handled via $ ASTAT tokens, and the smart contract ensures that decentralized assets are traded at the end of each transaction.

Find out more about this innovative project by reading more on the ASTATE website:

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