Bahrain International Airport Receives 5-Star COVID-19 Safety Rating


Bahrain International Airport has been certified with the highest 5-star COVID-19 airport safety rating in recognition that the airport has achieved the highest standards in health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

This 5-star COVID-19 airport safety rating is assigned to Bahrain International Airport following a detailed audit assessment of COVID-19 safety standards conducted by Skytrax in December 2021.

This security accreditation is considered a global benchmark for defining safe travel insurance for customers and maximum recognition of the effectiveness of the security measures introduced by Bahrain International Airport to protect their customers and staff from the spread. of the coronavirus.

The audit assessed 175 different security protocols related specifically to the COVID-19 pandemic that serve to reduce risk and improve the well-being of customers and staff. The inspections reviewed the implementation of health, hygiene and safety measures in accordance with the recommendations of the ICAO Council Aviation Restoration Working Group, in addition to the requirements of the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain .

Mr. Mohamed Yousif Albinflalah, Managing Director of Bahrain Airport Company said: “We are proud to obtain this 5-star COVID-19 safety rating which recognizes the immense efforts made by our team on a daily basis to ensure that our customers travel with peace of mind. We dedicate this award to the Government of Bahrain, which has taken proactive steps since the onset of the pandemic to protect public health and safety, and to frontline healthcare workers, who have worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of the people of Bahrain. Since January, BIA has received several awards and honors from international organizations for its exceptional standards and efforts to protect the health and safety of passengers. We remain committed to ensuring that traveling to the airport is safe, enjoyable and hassle-free.. “

The 5-star COVID-19 airport safety rating recognizes very high standards of airport cleanliness and maintenance procedures, with these protocols being consistently followed.

Edward Plaisted of Skytrax said: “The standard, efficiency and consistency of the COVID-19 security protocols provided here at Bahrain International Airport are excellent, and we congratulate Bahrain Airport Company on receiving this highest COVID-19 airport security rating. This safety rating provides great assurance to customers traveling to Bahrain International Airport and highlights the effectiveness of the health and safety protocols they have in place. COVID-19 security must provide the safest environment for customers and staff, and Bahrain International Airport has proven to be a leader in this area. “

Bahrain International Airport has a very comprehensive program of security measures in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease. Throughout the terminal there are frequent hand sanitizers, including high-contact areas such as check-in, boarding gates and self-service facilities.

Frequently touched surfaces have been treated with antimicrobial coatings, social distancing is ensured throughout the terminal with a range of floor markers and seat markers.

Front-line service counters were fitted with rigid screens and self-service points such as ATMs, vending machines, etc. all have adjacent hand sanitizers. All airport users are required to wear face masks.

The terminal cleanliness standards are rated as excellent, and this is verified throughout the COVID-19 audit using ATP testing to analyze and assess this.

The COVID-19 safety rating assesses the effectiveness and consistency of the COVID-19 procedures provided, including the cleanliness of terminals, cleaning and disinfection systems, compliance with standards and the use of protective equipment. individual staff, brand, standard and application of social distancing signage, ground markers and distance from seats, hand sanitizing facilities, airport PA orientation, the organization and control of the flow of passengers around the airport, security control hygiene systems, general passenger facilities (e.g. baggage carts) and control of social distancing and the use of the face mask.

A 5-Star COVID-19 Airport Security Rating recognizes very high standards for airport cleanliness and maintenance procedures. Airports achieving 5 stars offer many systems of best practice for the monitoring of cleanliness and hygiene, and more importantly, these protocols are adhered to on a consistent basis. In addition to excellent standards of visual cleanliness and terminal presentation, 5-star COVID-19 airports can use UV disinfection and mass disinfection treatments that are scientifically evaluated.

With its cutting-edge technology and convenience-focused approach, the new passenger terminal aims to place Bahrain International Airport on the global aviation map alongside the world’s leading smart airports. It was designed to improve efficiency and safety while meeting increasing passenger expectations for a smoother airport experience. Advances in automation are streamlining some of the most time-consuming processes and procedures, giving passengers more control over their journeys. Covering an area of ​​210,000 m², the new passenger terminal brings the capacity of Bahrain International Airport to 14 million passengers and 130,000 air traffic movements per year with a processing capacity of 4,700 bags per peak hour .

Skytrax is the international air transport rating organization established in 1989 and based in London, UK. In 2020, Skytrax launched COVID-19 safety ratings covering airports around the world, providing independent and expert assessment and certification of COVID-19 airport health and safety measures. Skytrax COVID-19 Security Accreditation is considered a global benchmark for defining safe travel insurance for customers.

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