Betterment App Review: Best App for Mobile Investing?


In a word: The Betterment mobile app aims to make it easier to invest and manage your portfolio on the go. Our Betterment review rates this as one of the best mobile investing apps available.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Betterment mobile app


  • Manage your portfolio
  • Set new investment goals
  • Fast loading times

The inconvenients

  • Network occasionally down
  • Not all web features are available

Review of the Betterment mobile app

Our improvement review focuses primarily on the web experience. The mobile app, on the other hand, is perfect for investing on the go.

You still have many of the same basic features as the web version of Betterment. For example, you can research your investment goals and check the performance of your assets.

In addition, there are no additional fees for investing through the mobile app. It is quite normal for investors to manage their portfolios exclusively through the Betterment mobile app.

Keep reading our Betterment mobile app review for more information on what this app offers.

What is the Betterment mobile app?

Betterment Investment was originally launched in 2009 as one of the world’s first robo-advisers. Today, it has over $ 10 billion in assets under management.

Its mobile application has gone through several incarnations during its lifespan. Perhaps the biggest transformation happened in 2019. Betterment has dramatically improved the functionality of its app and modernized its appearance.

At Modest Money, we love that Betterment asked their users what they thought of the app, and then implemented many of their recommendations.

This is an example of how Betterment is a community driven investment platform.

Improved functionality of the mobile application

Our full review on Betterment talks about the features available through the web platform but less about what the mobile app offers.

Let’s dive into the main features offered on Betterment mobile.

Investment and management

As you would expect, you can continue to buy and sell through the app. Nothing prevents you from making further deposits and withdrawals with a single click.

You can also track the performance of your portfolio. All data provided by the mobile app is updated in real time, just like the website.

Rather than just a lean version of the web experience, Betterment’s 2019 redesign made the app a platform that could stand on its own.

Talk to a financial advisor

If you have any questions about Betterment or the platform, you can speak directly to a financial advisor. It’s like texting a friend. Text them and they’ll usually get back to you within hours.

This feature is free for all members, and you can use it as much as you want without incurring any charges.

Add investment goals to your account

Betterment is dedicated to helping its users achieve their goals. When you invest with Betterment, you can add defined goals to your account.

The mobile app lets you add any type of lens, rather than just offering a small number of options. This allows you to plan your portfolio and invest in a way that matches your ambitions and changing circumstances.

Betterment mobile app fees

The Betterment mobile app is free for everyone. Just enter your account information and you can manage your wallet on the go.

Improvement costs have always been historically low. They were one of the pioneers of low cost alternative investing.

There are no commissions, no trading fees and no minimum account. The only fees you pay to Betterment are a 0.25% management fee.

Betterment mobile app faq

Is Betterment available on iOS and Android?

Yes, the app is compatible with all major operating systems. Note that you may need to update your smartphone for the app to work.

Is it safe to invest through the mobile app?

The security of your account is important to Betterment. They encourage all users to enable two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to their accounts.

Can I access all of Betterment’s features through the mobile app?

Not all features are available on the app. However, you will find that 90% of Betterment’s features are available through the app. They have worked hard to keep adding more features to the app in recent years.

Betterment mobile app: is it right for you?

It’s not uncommon for mobile apps to be rather inefficient alternatives to the online investing experience. Improvement leads the charge to make a difference, however.

At Modest Money, we believe the Betterment mobile app is one of the most innovative apps on the market today. What we love is that Betterment has shown time and time again that it doesn’t just listen to customer feedback, but act on it.

Learn more about the work of Betterment in our full Betterment review.

If you want to try Betterment and its mobile app, follow the Modest Money link and start investing with no management fees for one year.


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