Blackburn Rovers player ratings: Defensive resilience pays dividends in Barnsley’s draw


It is highly likely that if this encounter had been repeated with the Blackburn Rovers team last season, a loss would have been the order of the day.

On an afternoon where the offensive shortcomings of a Tory Rovers materialized, it is again the defense that can receive applause as they helped their side to a respectable point against Barnsley with a second straight clean sheet.

Maybe, from a tactical standpoint, Barnsley received a bit too much respect and yet the Rovers limited them for long stretches and, despite their failure to build in the final third, had chances of winning. the match themselves.

The two teams showed great intensity in the first exchanges even if the opportunities were rare, followed by taking possession.

If Barnsley struggled to carve out a spot for the first 20 minutes, Darragh Lenihan and Lewis Travis were generous enough to allow Clarke Odor to enter the penalty area unchallenged, a seemingly inevitable goal until Thomas Kaminski’s heroism intervenes and spares Rovers blushes.

Similar to Hull’s midweek contest, it was obvious that some ingenuity was needed rather than the conventional route one approach and Tyrhys Dolan delivered him with a deft blow, slipping past his marker and running towards the goal. He shot the ball in front of goal, just avoiding Ben Brereton’s outstretched foot. John Buckley recovered and recycled, finding Travis who slipped again at Brereton and his withdrawal was frantically cleared by the hosts, avoiding Rovers’ best first-half opportunity.

If you were hoping the second half was an improvement, the competition didn’t fare much better. The Rovers were able to work dangerous spaces in Barnsley’s final third, but their execution fell short, wasting countless times and pushing back the chance to exploit an increasingly open Tykes defense.

The hosts then took the initiative which was actually Rovers’ fortune. Barnsley came close to a Dominik Frieser’s header before a swift counterattack, initiated by Reda Khadra’s acceleration, gave Brereton a one-on-one, but the striker was wrong. angle and goaltender Brad Collins missed the opportunity.

Bigger questions were asked about the Rovers’ defensive form, with Callum Brittain finding acres of space on the right and shooting a volley just off the Kaminski post before a breathtaking chance was shaped by the head of Michal Helik, whose head sank on the face of goal and out.

As the encounter turned erratic, Rovers dug a big chance near death as Khadra twisted her defender upside down before feeding Leighton Clarkson, whose weak training was impressively saved by Collins.

For the Rovers’ offensive inefficiencies, they’ve redeemed their defensive resilience and that will come in handy for them this season. Here’s how the players rated.

Thomas Kaminski – 7.5

Will you allow me to get away with the score of 0.5? A formidable goalkeeper to deny Odor in a one-on-one situation and Kaminski was there with another formidable stunt save in the second half to knock Frieser’s header back.

Ryan Nyambe – 7

What embodied Rovers’ opening hour best was Nyambe walking down the flank, beating his man with ease and then hitting his cross for a throw.

And no, Ryan is not my scapegoat. Defensively he was quite exceptional, as you would expect, mastering one-on-one situations.

Darragh Lenihan – 7

Visibly upset by his unfortunate defense that allowed Odor to enter. He had a rough time with Woodrow crouching on his shoulder but covered the Rovers on several occasions, equaling Barnsley’s aerial threat on set pieces.

Daniel Ayala – 7

If you ever need someone to give you an example of a good time to step into it, Dan is your man. Attentive to all gameplay sequences, displaying his vast experience and demonstrating when to climb or descend.

Harry Pickering – 7

Had very little offensive input, but was relatively unfazed by Barnsley’s rear wing system, holding onto his position well. Had a tricky hand with the introduction of Will Hondermarck, but performed admirably well.

Lewis Travis – 7

The offense in the first half with Odor apart from the midfielder was especially impressive. Read the game well and did his best to evoke a move in attack.

Joe Rothwell – 6

Excellent application from a defensive position even though he couldn’t print his ability to dictate the game. But his work off the ball has improved significantly from last season.

John Buckley – 6

Placed in a unique left-wing role in midfield which was a conservative Mowbray tactic to prevent the transition but likely kept him from speaking. Combative like never before.

Ian Poveda – 4

Several complex touches to set the tone of the contest early on, but he turned out to be sloppy in possession on too many cases, but showed little effort to get him back which was disappointing. In the end, for all his intentions, he was predictable.

Ben Brereton – 5

Missed a glorious one-on-one opportunity and failed to disturb Collins on a difficult afternoon for the forward. Worked the canals without much success, struggling to maintain composure in a central position.

Tyrhys Dolan – 5

Great skill to create Rovers’ best opening in the first half, but it was as good as it gets. The nature of the contest and the style his team had put into him isolated him against a strong and spirited Barnsley side.


Reda Khadra – 6

Demonstrated his incisive abilities on the counter producing the best chance in the game with a quick breakaway. Clearly lacking in physical form as the final stages said, unable to contribute to a late Rovers attack.

Leighton Clarkson – 6

There are signs of an effective player, but he found himself engrossed in the physical nature of the competition.

Tayo Edun – 6

A consistent debut for the versatile ace, who showed his talent to operate in the pivot alongside Travis. Very intelligent football brain.

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