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BridgeGap Consults Limited has launched an innovative ’56Bridge’ app to facilitate a seamless interface between employers and employees.

According to the company, the app helps recruiters attract and hire top talent from any part of the world, while helping job seekers apply for jobs, take tests and attend interviews in the comfort of their own home.

The recruiting app, which was showcased in a live virtual expo, shows how organizations could revolutionize job applications, improve efficiency and reduce bottlenecks in overall recruiting processes.

BridgeGap Consulting Managing Director Mosunmola Obembe said the app was created in line with the company’s vision to streamline processes in the workplace, especially in human resource functions.

She said that with the app, labor employers can easily screen candidates, schedule interviews, assess candidates and conduct job tests, live or on video, while generating reports. full recruitment.

Obembe said, on the other hand, candidates can also create profiles, upload resumes, apply for advertised jobs and go for interviews.

She said other unique features of the 56 Bridge app include job postings, which allow organizations to post jobs for potential candidates and live or video interviews from anywhere.

According to Obembe, the app’s other features include candidate assessments, which allow candidates to be rated and assessed on the go; Video library, analysis reports and invitations to interviews by SMS/e-mail.

Business owners and HR practitioners at the official launch praised the company for the app, as some customers who used it said it was indeed a solution to many challenges faced by recruiters and candidates.

Managing Director, Chams Plc, Gaving Young, said the app is very useful depending on the role and skills available, adding that 56bridge has simplified the process of matching the right skills to the right roles in the broad market.


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