CardTapp and the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) Announce Partnership to Bring Digital Mortgage Software to the NAMB Network


When CardTapp and the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) recently announced a partnership, it meant entering the digital age allowing members to stay in touch with contacts and providing borrowers with an easy way to access a wealth of information, calculators, etc.

CardTapp began by serving the needs of the mortgage, real estate, and insurance industries. As the number of users grew, the applicability of CardTapp to all types of sales and sales management roles became apparent. CardTapp continues to expand its capabilities to meet the business needs of all types of industries.

NAMB has been the voice of the mortgage industry since 1973. They focus on protecting the interests of homebuyers, mortgage professionals and everyone in this industry. With over 10,000 members on its registry, NAMB membership includes brokers, credit union lenders and many more.

The CardTapp platform allows loan officers to create their own personalized mobile apps to share with customers and potential customers to maximize engagement and a positive customer experience.


  • Custom web-based mobile application. Brand to organization and loan officers.
  • Simple and easy to use. The built-in sharing feature enables a powerful referral engine.
  • Helpful tools at your fingertips (e.g. calculators, research, etc.)
  • Every lead action is captured and generates real-time notifications.

Loan officers will be able to share their personalized mobile application:

  • Individual Sharing: The app can be shared by Loan Officer, Former Borrower, Referral Partner, or Prospect using the mobile interface.
  • Text Keyword: Loan officers can share their unique SMS auto-response keyword which, when texted, will return a link to install the mobile app.
  • Marketing Flyer: Access pre-made marketing flyers that include text keyword, QR code, and benefits of installing the mobile app.
  • CRM Integration: Initiate application sharing via integration. Whenever a new contact is added to your CRM, you can automatically share your app via SMS.

Loan originators will benefit from a new paradigm with state-of-the-art digital mortgage software. They will discover, engage and convert their best borrowers.


  • Versatile Digital Business Card / Mobile App: CardTapp’s web-based shareable digital business cards (i.e. mobile apps) are designed to be fully customizable. This is because different mortgage brokers and business professionals have different needs when it comes to their digital presence.
  • Lead Management Dashboard: Lead management is all about managing many different moving parts at every level. For example, one potential customer will ask for specific information while another will need time to decide whether or not to board. Loan officers need a platform that allows them to know precisely when to follow up on each client and where the conversation is with them. The lead management dashboard helps do this superbly.
  • The Loan Officer App in Every Pocket: This customizable app is not only ideal for prospecting and relationship management, but can also be of great benefit to potential and existing clients. With a mortgage calculator, prospects, former borrowers, and referral partners can get payment calculations on the go. The calculator can help estimate a monthly payment, interest rates and variables. This makes the job easier for loan originators. They don’t have to go through manual processes to provide payment estimates to potential borrowers.

CardTapp recognizes that how information is managed and shared can make the difference between success and failure. Their digital solutions are designed to make it easy to connect with customers and team members. Since 2012, they have worked with many leading companies to deliver fully customizable solutions that have transformed their businesses.

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