Claris Announces Low Code Accelerator to Boost Diversity and Address Shortage of Tech Workers


Low-code leader Claris has announced a new initiative designed to increase diversity in technology and business ownership.

The Low Code Accelerator program – created in partnership with venture capital fund led by Black and startup studio EonXI – will use Claris’ low-code development platform to provide students with “the operational expertise and mentorship to train and develop a business as well as technical training on the Claris low-code development platform. “

“Closing the racial wealth gap begins with access to technology and resources, which is why we are building communities of diverse developers and entrepreneurs,” said Aaron Wilson, general partner of EonXI.

Participants will benefit from technical and business mentorship from experienced Claris developers and experts like Cathy House, an assistant professor of entrepreneurship for 15 years in the Executive MBA program at Howard University.

“Every day I work with brilliant black entrepreneurs who have ideas that are changing the industry, but no technical training to bring those ideas to life through software,” House said.

“While we need to invest to fill the education gaps that have brought us to this point, I see a tremendous opportunity in developing low-code software to empower these entrepreneurs today. The EonXI team is world class not only in the businesses they help build, but in the partnerships they forge that help them accomplish their mission. To work with an organization that has the pedigree and history of Claris in raising black entrepreneurs is a huge victory, and I am proud to be a part of this program. “

Brandon Love, EMEA sales director at Claris, told ZDNet that there is an urgent need to increase diversity in the tech industry due to the damage done to black businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Forty percent of the businesses that closed in 2020 were owned by black people, and a recent McKinsey study shows that 42% of black workers are currently in jobs that could be automated by 2030.

“The reality is that black entrepreneurs generally don’t have access to the same resources as traditionally represented entrepreneurs. Low-code software allows people – those without a computer science degree or unfamiliar with traditional coding – to create powerful and personalized business solutions that bring value to organizations, ”said Love.

“There is a great need to close the racial wealth gap, and that starts with access to technology, mentorship and other valuable resources. EonXI helps build diverse developer communities, and Claris provides resources and opportunities to selected entrepreneurs. ” program is now accepting applications and the deadline is October 15th.

Love noted that the low-code market generally exists because of the huge gap between IT talent and software needs around the world. This talent shortage is partly addressed by giving more people the opportunity to build software without the need for a computer science degree or traditional coding training.

“Closing this gap requires that we empower people in every community to create digital solutions and build businesses through low-code development,” added Love. “This partnership with EonXI affirms a deep commitment from both. companies to not just talk about or study these issues, but to give black entrepreneurs what they need to be successful, both as business owners and software developers. “

Low-code applications have generated widespread interest among businesses as a way to address the severe shortage of technological talent, which currently represents 50,000 open positions.

Claris CEO Brad Freitag said there was a need to invest and increase diversity in tech at large, and black entrepreneurs in particular, given the statistics.

Recent studies from Pew Research found that black workers make up 11% of all employed adults, but only 5% of engineers and architects and 7% of IT workers.

“The massive growth and tremendous power of low-code technologies represent some of the most important opportunities to close this gap that we have seen for generations,” said Freitag.

“This partnership with EonXI affirms a deep commitment on the part of both companies not only to talk about or study these issues, but to give black entrepreneurs what they need to be successful, both as business owners. and software developers. “


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