DGTL Holdings Seeks To Transform Digital Media, Marketing And Advertising Software With Artificial Intelligence (AI)


DGTL Holdings Inc has revealed that its subsidiary Hashoff LLC has signed a new $ 400,000 software and social media marketing license agreement directly with a Nasdaq-listed global leader in the online sports games industry.

The New York-based company said its Nasdaq-listed client had a market capitalization of more than $ 30 billion. The client allows users to bet on sports competitions in the world’s top professional leagues including MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, PGA, UEFA Champions, NASCAR and Mixed Martial Arts, among others.

“The national two-pronged campaign contract will first leverage Hashoff 2.0’s #IAM Search and Discovery product to create targeted, state-by-state social designer talent banks across the United States,” the company said. Selected creators will then be hired to develop regional brand awareness of the client brand in key states where sports games have recently been legalized.

DGTL explained that the creators will then move into Hashoff 2.0’s #CreateMarketplace product to develop multimedia creative material for use in both “paid and proprietary media, providing Nasdaq’s listed client with images, audio files, new and original texts and videos. content.”


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