Do you have a pile of Lego bricks? This AI-based app can analyze and come up with construction ideas in seconds



Lego bricks can be a problem sometimes, especially if you have accumulated a huge pile of plastic blocks and don’t know what to build. However, there is an app that can help with this problem. Brickit uses an AI-powered camera to quickly scan the pile of bricks, then suggest things you can do quickly.

Dutch entrepreneur Alexander Klöpping tweeted a video which shows how Brickit works. Get your stock of Lego bricks, lay it out on the floor, open the app, and let it scan what you have. Seconds later, the app, which runs incredibly fast, gives you options for you to choose from and build, without worrying about what to look for in the huge collection of Lego bricks.

On Instagram, Brickit outlined how the app works, further explaining its functions. After scanning the bricks, you choose the small project you want to build from scratch. The app then asks you to go through a step-by-step construction process.

To make the process even easier, the app not only marks the bricks you need for a particular project, but also shows you where they are in your pile of Lego pieces. Once you’ve built something, you can share it with other users on the app.

It blew the minds of Lego enthusiasts on Twitter.

“That’s why I love technology,” tweeted user @Nesrin_haji.

Here are some other reactions:

Interestingly, Brickit was developed by a group of fans and does not yet have an official affiliation. On its website, the company said that BrickIt is only available for iOS at the moment, but will be available for Android soon.



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