Do you know who is to blame if your Android mobile only has an app store?

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It looks like Epic has rolled the cover up to his head and decided to demolish two of the tallest towers built in recent years, in the heat of smartphones and the two dominant operating systems: iOS and Android. If the parents of Fortnite had no difficulty in taking those of Cupertino to justice to end what they consider to be an Apple monopoly, it is now the turn of those of Mountain View to turn to Google . The video game giant has decided to sue the Americans with practically the same arguments as in the case of Tim Cook, although going a little further since, as you know, Android has the reputation of being a system. operating more open than iOS. That is, in theory, we can not only download apps from the Google Play Store, but also have other alternatives on paper, such as official web pages or stores from Amazon, Samsung and many other brands. Now, why doesn’t your smartphone default to one of these alternatives on your LG, Motorola, etc. ? They say Google is to blame On paper, the folks at Mountain View aren’t putting up any trouble for a smartphone maker to decide to add additional app stores, in addition to the Play Store. You just have to develop it, or make a deal with that company, and come up with the app to start downloading anything but, from Epic, they want to show that if this practice isn’t more widespread, it ‘s because Google has a lot to do with it. this. What the complaint filed by Epic has just revealed is that if we don’t have more than one app store on our smartphone, it’s because “Google paid some phone manufacturers not to include »These alternatives, so that when the user turns on his terminal for the first time, he finds only one option to download the official Android applications. The method used by Google is none other than the creation of a program called “Premium Devices” thanks to which, since 2019, the manufacturers who have joined it could take a larger share (from 8 to 12%) of the revenues of research. In return, only the Play Store would be available within the terminal, thus eliminating any possibility of competition for other brands with their own alternatives within Android. The result has been that some companies such as LG and Motorola have transferred between 95% and 98% of all their models to this “Premium Devices” program, to get an additional percentage of all expenses made by their users in the store. applications. A percentage that could have increased to 6% compared to the 3% that Google paid.

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