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Huawei, the Chinese technology manufacturer, knows its dynamic technologies as well as its new flagship gadgets. These gadgets are landing in the global market with the ability to provide the best user experience to the consumers. But things take a turn when these types of technical things meet their irritating enemies – problems. The same thing happened with the Huawei Nova 5T which suffered the ringing issue.

The Huawei Nova 5T model, which marked the introduction of stunning specifications, has troubled its users with the so-called “ringing issue”. So far, the supreme handset itself has a creative world for its owners. At the same time, the onboard features of the EMUI 12 interface have become the “icing on the cake” for users.

But the recently emerged problem has prompted users to point the finger at the Chinese firm. Since many users here wouldn’t know the actual problem, let’s dive into the error that occurred which caused the company to develop a separate new fix.

Ringing problem

According to some users, the device was experiencing an issue where ringtone settings for incoming calls were inapplicable in certain scenarios. As a result, users were unable to set a ringtone for incoming calls.

According to our information, many users could not hear the ringtone even when the smartphone was in general mode. But, the huge tachometer maker didn’t remain silent when addressing the issue. The developers immediately went into power mode to fix the fault by producing a new patch for the device.

Ringing issue fix

With a stable result of the fix, the company started rolling out the fix for the respective handsets that were facing the error. In addition, the Chinese firm has extended it to various other regions. The reason for this expansion is that over the past few months several other devices have confirmed the same error.

Well, I didn’t find big differences in the changelog for this patch. But it was a relief when he read “The update fixes an issue where ringtone settings for incoming calls are not applied in certain situations.”

Now the bell system is back in its comfort zone. In my thoughts, the ringing issue was more of an annoyance than a problem. A fun fact is that now I could hear my favorite ringtone and receive all incoming calls.

So Huawei Nova 5T users! Did you receive the ringtone fix?


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