Epic Games Store updates “My Achievements”


Epic Games Store is updating its “My Achievements” interface to improve functionality, as well as to prepare the app for upcoming features.


While the Epic Games Store has managed to carve out a place for itself over the past couple of years, many of its features are still rather new and unrefined. The way EGS handled achievements, for example, was pretty rudimentary, and the latest app update revamps the entire interface from scratch.

Namely, the Epic Games Store has just been updated with a new and improved “My Achievements” area that has been designed to better show a user’s progress through the game, as well as making it easier for visitors to access a more granular set of data. Along with this UI upgrade, EGS users now also have access to a few entirely new features, and a few upcoming new features are also announced.


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Building on a previous Epic Games Store update that allowed browsing games with achievements, the new and improved “My Achievements” interface is designed to allow players to display their achievements in-game more consistently. and responsive, as well as allowing other players to visit their account and easily see what they’ve accomplished so far. A dedicated Achievements tab quickly displays the progress of each game a user has played, with the ability to filter games based on their achievement status.


Players will now also have the option to change the privacy status of their new Epic Games Store profiles, depending on whether they want strangers to be able to see their progress or not. Along with this UI update, Epic took the opportunity to add some new features to the mix: Ratings and Polls. These will appear from time to time after playing a game, asking the player to answer a few questions about it to fill in the game’s community notes.

Overall, the update seems like a small part of Epic Games Store’s recent efforts to change and improve the app in general. Last month, Epic changed the user interface of its games library to improve the end-user experience when using the application, and it seems clear that there are many more updates. days of elements and interface changes coming in the near and distant future as well.

In fact, the next major update Epic has in store for EGS users is a dedicated notification center item, which will house all friend invites, wishlist notifications, and other assorted pop-ups. in an easy to use user interface. Along with all these app updates and feature releases, Epic unveiled two free games coming in April, bringing even more gamers into the fold.

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