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With mobile trading having reached its peak in recent years, many Forex brokers have started to introduce their own apps, aimed at simplifying the user experience and providing more comfortable trading. This is a brand new technology that allows users to switch to their mobile devices instead of using laptops or PCs.

Regulated and licensed by CySEC, ETFinance is one of those forex companies that has developed a convenient mobile application that is easy to download and use. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the platform dramatically improves the trading experience and speeds up the process. You have the flexibility and the ability to use advanced features and tools for trading.

Another great advantage of the app is the availability of over 350 assets from Forex to Bitcoin. By accessing the powerful tools of the platform, you will be able to move to a new level of trading. The ETFinance mobile app is completely free and there is no additional cost to maintain it.

What does the ETFinance app look like?

When it comes to examining a particular mobile application, it is necessary to consider in more detail its visual characteristics and specifics. As soon as you download the app from the store, it will automatically install and appear on your screen in just a few minutes. It has beautiful visuals and designs, ensuring to provide the best possible experience for customers.

The dashboard looks nice and it’s the most important thing traders pay attention to – what the front page looks like and what it offers. Immediately at first glance you will see a fully functional and pretty dashboard with everything you need displayed on your screen. The colors are chosen so as to make you feel the atmosphere of the trade.

Navigating inside the app is also simple and straightforward. You will see the following buttons: Trade, Portfolio, Deposit, Markets – the most important ones you will need while trading. They are logically connected to each other.

As for optimization, the app is quite well developed and there probably won’t be any obstacles or bugs. It is constantly updated to ensure the best experience.

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ETFinance mobile trading features

Speaking of mobile trading and the ETFinance app, there are a lot of features that we can choose from. First of all, as soon as you download it, you get full control over your account and full customization. Real-time balance level is also supported. If you want help immediately from the app, multilingual customer support will always be ready to resolve your issues. The ETFinance mobile platform also allows a one-click trading option. It is compatible with multiple devices and the availability of live chat is remarkable. In short, the app is equipped with all the necessary features that you are probably looking for.

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Leverage available

Before explaining the leverage and what is the maximum amount on the broker’s website, it is necessary to mention that there are 3 types of trading accounts available on ETFinance: Silver, Gold and Platinum. The first one is suitable for beginner traders and the maximum leverage offered is 1h30, which is pretty decent. Gold account traders will have access to leverage of 1:30 (retail accounts) or a maximum of 1: 500 (professional account). The platinum account, as he already explains himself, is geared towards seasoned traders who already have knowledge and experience in trading (maximum leverage of 1: 500). Leverage allows you to open an augmented position, which would otherwise be impossible with your balance.


We should follow the same concept when we talk about spreads. Depending on the type of your account, the spreads also vary. On Silver, the account spread starts from 0.07 pips. On Gold accounts they start at 0.05 pips and on Platinum accounts at 0.03 pips. The spread is the difference between the Bid and Ask prices and is considered the commission fee for FX brokers. It can be said that the spreads available on ETFinance will suit all traders, regardless of their level of experience.

Advantages and disadvantages of the ETFinance mobile application

The ETFinance mobile app is definitely worth a try as you get so many benefits. In addition to the advantages of having the app, there are a few disadvantages that we need to consider. This is a flexible and versatile app that guarantees transparent trading and we will look at both sides of it below in our guide.


Starting with the advantages of the ETFinance mobile app, there are a lot of advantages. First of all, you can execute trades with one click, which will reduce the time it takes to complete trades. 7 different deadlines are provided as well as analysis tools and indicators, as well as notifications of market news.

One click trading

One-click trading, also known as one-click trading, allows you to trade faster and more efficiently. It guarantees the speed of exchanges. It is possible to open and close trades, set up leverage, stop losses and take profits in advance and with just one click you will get improved terms.

7 different deadlines

In the ETFinance mobile app you will see 7 different timeframes which will greatly expand your trading game. Calendars are useful in that they help with particular times. You can take control of the market, see the latest trends with time frames of up to a month.

Analysis tools

Without analytical tools and indicators, making a profit in Forex could be more difficult. With professional tools, using Japanese candlestick charts, Fibonacci retracement, you can create a winning plan that will help you while trading.

Instant notifications of market news

With this feature, you will receive the latest information and news regarding the market and price changes. It is beneficial to take a closer look at the market situation and what is going on in general. You will not receive pivotal moments and information with notifications.

The inconvenients

As for the negative sides of the ETFinance mobile app, we can only name a handful. It is not as fast as its PC counterpart. Additionally, the app is currently not available on Windows mobile devices. Multitasking is also difficult compared to laptops and desktops.


Multitasking refers to the ability to open multiple tasks simultaneously without ruining the user experience. While the app is decently optimized, multitasking is difficult. It is not possible to open several things at the same time. For this one, laptops are advantageous.


Even if you have the latest model of any mobile device, the speed of the app is still not close to what you will see on your computer. It’s not essentially a con and negative side, but in general, computers are much faster when it comes to trading.

ETFinance mobile app faq

How to trade on the FBS app?

Trading on the ETFinance mobile app is simple: download the app from the Google Store or the App Store, install it and log in with your account. Inside the app, you will immediately see the necessary features and buttons that will guide you through trading. One-click trading is also supported.

Does ETFinance Mobile consume a lot of data?

No, the ETFinance mobile app does not consume a lot of data because it is well optimized and developed. However, it still depends on what you are doing in the app. If you are in ultra trading mode, you will probably need a decent amount of cellular data. For the best experience, a 4G connection is recommended.

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