Galaxy Tab S8 also removed from Geekbench following GOS limitation


Samsung can’t seem to take a break. It was only recently that popular benchmarking app Geekbench delisted a number of Samsung Galaxy S phones, including the latest S22 series for throttling the gaming optimization service, which allegedly limits games to preserve the battery and prevent overheating. The main issue here was that benchmarking apps were not subject to this limitation, which led Geekbench to remove the phones from the list. Now the Galaxy Tab S8 has also been removed from the benchmark app.

Samsung finds itself in trouble again as the Galaxy Tab S8 is removed from Geekbench

Confirmation comes from Geekbench himself since he announced the desilting of the Galaxy Tab S8 from the reference notes. The original foundation was made by folks at AndroidPolice when they were running Geekbench disguised as Genshin Impact, the outlet mentioned that disguised Geekbench single-core scores were up to 24% lower than the standard Geekbench app, while multi-core scores dropped by 11%. The older generation of tablets didn’t see a major drop, however.

Galaxy S22 series goes through drop tests with surprising results

It is also important to know that Samsung recently released an update that prevents GOS throttling from happening as it provides a performance priority option in case you are looking to get the most out of your phone. However, the update is only available on the Galaxy S22 series and we don’t know if Samsung intends to push the same update to the Galaxy Tab S8.

I contacted Geekbench to ask if they would remove all three Galaxy Tab S8 devices or just the base one. Until then, let’s wait and see what Samsung has to say about it.

While I don’t play games on my phone, a lot of people do and considering how Samsung’s GOS limits games in the name of battery and heat prevention, that’s not going to brush a positive picture for the company.


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