Google Play Store gets app version 29.8.14 [April 2022]


Google is updating its maps and navigation service app with version 11.21.3. This application update comes with a package size of 96.07 megabytes. According to the changelog, it addresses general issues found in the system to increase the performance of the application.

In addition to this, the company mentioned specific changes and improvements to Google Maps. So we suggest you get the latest update and install it on your corresponding devices.

Are you ready to download and install the latest Google Maps app version update? So, you can update it manually from Google Play Store or directly using the APK link mentioned below.

Previous updates:

March 15, 2022:

Google Maps is getting an 11.20.4 app update which comes with a download package size of 95.92 megabytes. The new information reveals that it brings fixes for some bugs that improve the app’s usability and stability.

Along with this, Google pushed back the 11.21.2 beta update for the Google Maps beta tester to verify the new changes. However, this beta version weighs around 96.07 megabytes. For your information, if you want to become a beta tester, Click here.

You want to download and install the latest version update of the Google Maps app. So, you can update it manually from Google Play Store or directly using the APK link mentioned below.

Google Maps 11.20.4

March 9, 2022:

Google has released a new beta version 11.20.3 for the Google Maps navigation service. The latest beta update comes with a download package size of 95.92 megabytes. For your information, this update is rolling out to registered beta testers only.

However, this beta update does not bring any changelog, but it will surely optimize the performance of the app and fix some general bugs. For a better user experience, it is recommended to download and install the latest version of the Google Maps app. You can update it manually from Google Play Store or directly using the APK link mentioned below.

Google Maps 11.20.3 beta

March 5, 2022:

Google Maps is getting a new app update with version 11.19.3. This update rollout brings fixes for some issues that will improve the overall stability and performance of the application.

Apart from this, Google is also testing the new Google Maps feature through the beta program. In the latest edition, Google has released beta version 11.20.2 for registered Google Maps beta testers.

Google Maps 11.19.3

March 3, 2022:

The Google Maps app is getting a new version 11.19.2 update which brings an installation package size of 24.48 MB. According to the information, it includes general fixes for minor issues found in the latest version of the app.

At the same time, Google also released beta version 11.20.0 for registered beta testers. However, the description does not contain the list of changes but it will surely fix bugs for better stability.

Google Maps 11.19.2

February 26, 2022:

Google has released a new app update for Google Maps that comes with version 11.18.4 which is 95.73MB in size. device and improve the user experience.

February 24, 2022

Google has started releasing a new version of the app – 11.18.3 for Google Maps, the mapping and navigation service available on the Play Store. The latest Google Maps update is coming with an update size of 95.73MB.

According to the information, the Google Maps 11.18.3 update brings common bug fixes that improve the app’s performance. Plus, it helps you discover new places and get to them.

Google Maps 11.18.3

Google Maps:

Google Maps is a mapping and navigation service that provides you with real-time location, traffic, transit information, place discovery, and more. With this app, you can explore the world faster and easier on your smartphone.

Google has mapped over 220 countries and territories as well as hundreds of millions of businesses on Google Maps. You can get real-time GPS navigation, traffic and transit information, and explore local neighborhoods knowing where to eat, drink and go in any part of the world.

You can get faster and real-time updates of traffic updates, incidents, road closures that help you save time. This update automatically provides alternative routes that will save your valuable time based on actual situations.

Plus, here’s the chance to discover local places like local restaurants, events, activities, and new opening readings. Plus, you can share a shortlist of options and vote in real time with your friends, making group planning easy. It is recommended to follow the must-see location shared by local experts, Google, and publishers.

After visiting sights or places, you can review, add photos, missing routes and other related information for other users. Other services include an offline map service for search, street view, and interior imagery for restaurants, shops, museums, and more.


  • Some features are not available in all countries
  • Navigation is not intended for use by oversized or emergency vehicles

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