HOOPS SDKs help visual components make factory planning and simulation easier for customers


Tech Soft 3D announces that Visual Components has integrated HOOPS Toolkits to power
their manufacturing plant planning and simulation platform.

BEND, Ore., May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tech Soft 3D, the leading provider of engineering software development toolkits, today announced that Visual Components has integrated HOOPS toolkits to power its planning and simulation of manufacturing facilities. For over 20 years, Visual Components has been a pioneer in the 3D manufacturing simulation industry. The company aims to make manufacturing design and simulation technology easy to use for manufacturing organizations of all sizes through its product, also known as Visual Components.

“We offer a simulation solution for planning all types of manufacturing environments, from automotive to the food and beverage industry. Simulation allows plans to be tested and production processes to be optimized without incurring investment in physical systems,” said Umair Ejaz, Product Marketing Manager at Visual Components. “This provides customers with a virtual environment in which they can design their layouts in advance, program their robots and run simulation studies to ensure there are no bottlenecks and that all elements of the workshop are working efficiently.”

To help populate this virtual factory environment, customers can use the product’s electronic catalog feature, which provides access to thousands of ready-to-use models of robots and other factory automation machinery from leading brands. , or they can bring their own CAD data and add simulation behavior. to CAD models if desired. To accommodate this latter scenario, Visual Components knew it had to support a wide variety of CAD files and formats.

“Looking at our customer base, we understand that there aren’t just one or two major CAD tools — there are dozens,” Ejaz said. “The type of CAD package will be different from company to company – it may even be different from project to project within an organization. Our product must support this diversity of CAD formats as well as its continuous version updates.”

Create easy ways to import and output data

To ensure it could provide access to a wide variety of CAD formats, Visual Components turned to HOOPS Exchange. An SDK that allows the import of over 30 popular CAD formats, HOOPS Exchange is the leading CAD import and export library and is capable of importing complex data without loss of accuracy or precision.

“Visual Components is focused on simulation and robotics; these are the areas where we allocate most of our development resources. When development moves outside of this scope – as with the challenge of providing robust access to 3D data – we are looking for reliable SDKs like HOOPS Exchange that complement our existing functionality,” said Camilo Cifuentessenior software developer at Visual Components.

The company also uses HOOPS Publish, a native SDK to generate interactive 3D PDF documents and export them to HTML and other formats to facilitate downstream consumption of 3D models and engineering data. Together, the two HOOPS SDKs integrate powerful functionality into the visual components.

“HOOPS Exchange allows us to import 3D models into our own 3D planning environment, bringing not only geometries, but also materials, texture, PMI and other information,” Cifuentes said. “When it comes time to export this information, we use HOOPS Publish to generate interactive 3D PDFs.”

The wealth of export functionality is particularly useful in making plant performance simulations more easily understandable and less abstract for downstream users.

“When running a factory simulation in Visual Components, customers have the ability to hit a ‘record’ for capturing several minutes of their factory in action,” Cifuentes said. “HOOPS Publish makes it easy for our customers to share this 3D animated simulation and associated data in a format that virtually anyone with a computer can open and access. Recipients don’t need to purchase or ‘run special software to experience the simulation very thoroughly.’

From a technical point of view, integrating the SDKs into the visual components and working with Tech Soft 3D was a smooth process for the company, marked by a high level of responsiveness.

“We’ve been using HOOPS Exchange for almost seven years now, and the support from Tech Soft 3D has been amazing,” said Cifuentes. “When you first get started, they provide very helpful sample projects and data to help you understand how to work with the SDK to get the results you need. When we had questions, Tech Soft 3D was very quick to provide answers. Being able to integrate different types of 3D data into simulation software is a must. Quite simply, the partnership with Tech Soft 3D has been essential for us.

About Tech Soft 3D

Tech Soft 3D is the leading provider of engineering software development toolkits. Founded in 1996 and based in Bend, ORTech Soft 3D also has offices in California, France, England, Japan and Norway. The company’s toolkit products power more than 500 unique applications running on hundreds of millions of computers worldwide. Tech Soft 3D is backed by investment firm Battery Ventures. For more information, visit www.techsoft3d.com.


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