How much does it cost to hire a mobile app developer in the United States?


So finally you are here and have decided to turn your dream app into reality. Finding the right app developer is the first step to propelling your business success.

When we talk about hire an app developer in the United States, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost of hiring a mobile app developer in the United States.

There are many mobile app development companies offering various app development services across the United States. However, the cost of hiring a mobile application developer in the United States depends on several factors. In this blog, we will look at the important factors in hiring mobile app development costs in the United States.

US app developer hourly costs

Literally, app developer fees change drastically by location. Like in India, the average app developer is around $19, while in the US it ranges from $42 to $70. Additionally, if you hire a senior application developer to create an appthe hourly rate can skyrocket to over $100.

Now, many of you might be wondering why app developer fees in the US are so high; The thing is, there are several factors that affect the cost of hiring the app developer, and here are some of them.

Factors Affecting Application Developer Cost

  1. Qualifications/skills: The first thing you look for in an app developer is also crucial in the app developer cost. Simply put, where did the developer get their degree and what are their skills. The more skills they have, the more they charge.
  2. Live: As I mentioned above, senior developer fees can skyrocket. A senior mobile app developer charges more than a skilled developer.
  3. Location: Location plays a crucial role in app developer fees. For example, an app developer in the United States spends more money to maintain their standard of living and the cost of living in the country. This is why an app developer in USA charges more than an app developer in India.
  4. Technology: Your app developer fees may be affected by the technology you want to use to create an app. Like Android and iOS, the development costs are different, but generally a developer specializing in more technologies/skills costs more.
  5. Complexity: Not developer complexity; it is the complexity of your project. To create a simple app, you might have to shell out around $30 to $40, while advanced app development might cost more.

Things to consider when hiring an app developer

  • You don’t have a clear idea of ​​what you want and rely on the developer to magically deliver it.
  • Setting unrealistic deadlines for completing activities or projects often results in a subpar end product.
  • Lack of defined SRS (Software Requirement Specification) – Specification of software requirements and assuming that the developer will know exactly how your project/software will work at the end.
  • Don’t use a cheap developer as a lack of funds can lead to a less powerful product requiring lots of maintenance and revisions. I’m not saying inexpensive is terrible, but I’ve found that it always costs more.
  • Wait for the end of the software development process before performing further follow-ups
  • Treating a developer like a commodity because you paid for it could be very detrimental to the end product.
  • Lack of designs, graphics and concepts for the visual look and feel of your software.

4 Tips for Hiring an App Developer at a Reasonable Cost in the US

Below, we’ve prepared some tips that can save you a few bucks on hiring an app developer; you have to consider it.

  1. Do market research and know the prices of the mobile application development market: This will be your step when hiring an app developer in the USA. As stated above, the location may differ from the development rates, so you need to be well informed about the market rates to hire an app developer.
  2. Determine the optimal technology stack: As technical knowledge plays a crucial role in development costs, you need to be clear about the technology stack you want to use to develop an application. Android and iOS development costs are different, so decide which platform you want to build an app on.
  3. Prefer relocated companies to reduce the cost of development and rental: If you are facing a budget issue or want to reduce your app development cost without rendering app quality, I suggest you to hire an outsourcing company rather than an app developer . Offshoring companies have their own advantages. Plus, it will save you time in finding a qualified developer.
  4. Use the staff augmentation service: Staff augmentation companies might be a good choice if you only need a developer for a short time to build an app. Yes, an hourly rate might be a bit higher, but the benefit is clear when you consider sick leave, vacation pay, and providing the right tools. In the long run, the average cost will be lower if you do.

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The cost of hiring a mobile app developer in the United States can vary greatly. Many factors affect the cost of hiring a mobile app developer in the USA. The cost of hiring a mobile app developer in the United States can vary greatly depending on the type of app you want to build, your needs, and the developer you want to hire. The cost of hiring a mobile app developer in the USA can be cheap if the developer is inexperienced and not using the latest technology, but if you want the app to be the best and most profitable , you need to hire a app development company like JumpGrowth.


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