How to Report Bad Apps and Scams in the App Store on iPhone


While it is undeniable that Apple’s policy on the App Store is quite strict, it is not without flaws. By exploiting these loopholes and bypassing the rules, crooks never fail to publish fraudulent apps and extract money from users. Until now, you couldn’t do anything but ditch those shady apps and wait for Apple to remove them from the App Store. But that has now changed for the better, thanks to the introduction of a new “Report a Problem” button in the App Store on iOS 15. It allows you to directly report fraudulent apps and scams in the App Store. Apple on your iPhone and iPad. Let me show you how to report fraudulent apps on your iOS device.

How to Report Fraudulent Apps in the App Store on iPhone and iPad (2021)

Before we go through the step-by-step process, let’s find out what separates the new “Report a Problem” button from the old reporting functionality. We will also discuss the availability of this feature and how you can activate it right now on your iPhone. Having said that, let’s dive into it.

What is the new “Report a Problem” button in the App Store?

It should be noted that previously, the “Report a problem” button was buried in the Games / Applications tab of the App Store. By pressing the button, the App Store would take you to a website where you could choose from four options –

  • Request to be reimbursed
  • Report suspicious activity
  • Find my content
  • Report a quality problem

Frankly, these options were there to appease users and make the numbers, as they didn’t offer a clear way to report a scam or a bad app. Worse, the “Report suspicious activity” option would redirect users to Apple Support, which was annoying to say the least.

Now, the Apple App Store allows you to directly report an issue with every free app that has in-app purchases. Notably, you too have separate options to report not only scams, but also offensive, illegal and abusive content. From a user’s perspective, this is a much better implementation. Now I wonder why Apple took so long to make such a nifty change.

Is there one more caveat? Unfortunately yes. For now, the “Report a problem” button is only available in the United States.. This means that if you live elsewhere in the world, there isn’t much you can do about scam apps. Well, it’s a shame considering how much the word “Security” is touted in Apple’s advertising campaigns. But don’t worry, there is a workaround that will allow you to test this feature even if you live in countries outside of the United States.

Report fraudulent app and abusive content on the App Store

1. To start, run the App Store on your iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 device. Next, head to the app you want to report and scroll down to the information section. Then press the “to report a problem”Option.

2. Then it will direct you to Apple’s website (, where you should Sign in with your Apple ID and password proceed. If you’ve somehow locked or disabled your Apple ID, check out our guide to regaining access to your Apple ID.

How to Report Bad Apps and Scams in Apple App Store on iPhone

3. Once logged into your account, press the button. scrolling menu under the heading “How can we help you?” »Option to report the application from your iPhone.

Press the arrow button on the report a scam page

4. As you can see below, the drop-down menu will present you with several options, including:

  • Request to be reimbursed
  • Report a quality problem
  • Find my content
  • Report a scam or fraud
  • Report offensive, illegal or abusive content
Report a scam in the App Store on iPhone and iPad

Now select the preferred option according to your need and press Next. For the purposes of this guide, I will choose the fourth option which allows you to report a scam or fraud.

5. Finally, you will need to describe the problem and submit report. After submitting the report, Apple will confirm that it will review the app and use your feedback to help improve the service. Note that the Cupertino giant will not send you a response based on your report. This means that you cannot do more than wait for the desired action.

Describe the problem and submit it

How to get the new “Report a Problem” option from the App Store outside the US

While there is no confirmation yet of the deployment of this newly added feature outside of the United States, you can access it right now through a centuries-old hack. As you may have already guessed, you either need to create a US Apple ID or change your App Store country / region to United States. I suggest you go with the latter as it is a much simpler workaround.

To change the App Store country in iOS 15, go to Settings -> your profile icon -> Media and purchases -> View account -> Country / region. After that press Change country or region and enter a US address and phone number.

Change the country or region of the App Store

Once you have changed country, open the App Store and head to the info section of a free app that also offers in-app purchases. Then check out the ‘To report a problem’ option. If it doesn’t show up right away, restart your iPhone.

Reasons behind Apple’s failure to stop scam apps in the App Store

Without getting into the weeds, I would like to point out that Apple only employed 500 human app reviewers compared to 20,000 content moderators at Google. While Facebook has 15,000 content moderators and Twitter has hired 2,200 reviewers to track the content.

Given the size of the App Store, Apple needs a bigger team of human app reviewers to prevent large-scale scams. When the focus is so much on improving security and privacy, the App Store deserves better fraud protection. As to why the Cupertino giant is so passive on this front is inexplicable.

Report fraudulent and fraudulent apps on iPhone and iPad

This is how you can directly report scams and abusive apps in Apple App Store on iPhone. While only time will tell how effective this feature will turn out to be, I find it more user-friendly than the previous implementation. In addition, it would also be interesting to see whether or not Apple takes serious action against the reports. By the way, what do you think of this new app reporting feature? Do you find it more useful? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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