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We have all learned to strive for perfection. We have been taught from childhood to strive for the best performance. Developers should follow the same cardinal principle throughout their lives. Many distinguished developers believe that the desire to achieve excellence is what distinguishes a mediocre developer from an extraordinary developer. Himalaya Saxena, the developer of Highcompress – the best image compression tool, has a different opinion.

According to Himalayas, reaching great heights in a job is a skill that could be learned through hard work. The Himalayan quarry was a prime example of his vision. He started working in 2010. His first start was from CPA marketing. He also started blogging but couldn’t do much with the same. Himalayas began to learn software programming. Over time, he developed S tools which were mostly free.

The turning point in the life of the Himalayan Saxena was Highcompress. He started the same in 2017. The vision behind Highcompress was to provide an image compression solution without disturbing the quality. With Highcompress, the image can be compressed to 95%, keeping the quality intact. The release of Highcompress was remarkable. Within a year WordPress approved the Highcompress plugin and now it has become the best image compression plugin for WordPress.

Highcompress is currently used by over 50,000 users every day. Among other WordPress plugins, Highcompress is one of those that are widely used. Himalaya Saxena is also the name behind Confessout, which has 1 million users on the Google Play Store. Himalaya felt passionate about software development and was completely dedicated to it.

Himalaya made a few choices as a seasoned developer that made it exceptional. For example, he was trained to work in different environments like Mac, Windows and Linux. When working on an Android app, you may need to switch between Linux or Ubuntu. Environmental awareness will save you time and make you more versatile. Himalaya says he never felt the need to master all platforms, but a little exposure was enough for him.

Developers need to know the importance of teamwork. The results of teamwork are always better. Plus, working with like-minded people increases your productivity. Developers who have even had it for a year should be aware of the term pair programming. For nescient, when two programmers share a computer simultaneously, placing one on the keyboard and the other gives suggestions / comments / code reviews, etc. The practice has many benefits such as innovative ideas, knowledge sharing, better understanding of the domain of problem understanding, debugging and others.

Himalaya Saxena has been able to adapt to change, and this may be the reason for its success. During the development of certain projects, the changes that occur are beyond the developer’s control. To combat the situation, it is essential for the developer to be adaptable. Adaptability adds versatility and keeps you from getting stuck in just one skill set.

In addition, developers must understand the demand of their customers. Instead of being limited to technical points of view, reasoning with customers’ ideas will help you improve as a developer. Talking is always better than hinting.

Himalaya is currently working freelance on a global front. The ideas he shared are generated from his personal experience. He learned a lot of things while working that improved his flaws. When the platform you’re working on faces huge competition, there’s no cheat sheet. Eventually, the one with the most refined skills will win the race. Himalaya understood the fact a long time ago and worked on the same. He considered himself a successful developer, and now he is. Market developers should take note of their journey.

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