Lihkg, HK’s Reddit-like forum, temporarily removed from App Store


The Lihkg online forum was removed from the App Store yesterday. It was reported that the removal was due to comments left by its members violating App Store policies. However, after only one day of suspension, the application can be uploaded again on the platform. On March 22, some Lihkg users noticed that the popular Hong Kong online forum application could not be found on the App Store. Some netizens posted a picture on the forum, proving that the app had already been removed. It said, “Lihkg can no longer be used. The developers have removed this app from the App Store.” (《LIHKG討論區》已不再可用開發人員已從App Store移除此App。)

INTERACTIVE-MARKETING did a quick search of the app store on Tuesday evening and found that the app was not available. Instead, the first result that showed was HKGolden, another popular online forum in the city. However, after a day, Lihkg’s application can be found on the App Store. picture 2121

The app was however available on Google Play. Also, iOS users with the app installed on the phone can still use the forum. They could also access the forum via a desktop computer. According to a report by HK01Lihkg’s management felt that some comments left by its users violated App Store policies, resulting in the removal of the app from the platform. INTERACTIVE-MARKETING contacted the forum for more details.

Lihkg is often referred to as “Hong Kong Reddit” and is a popular local online discussion forum. Launched in 2016, LIHKG covers topics including news, sports, travel and entertainment through a local Hong Kong lens. The platform was ranked second in our Media report in 2020, followed by, a platform serving families with young children. From expectant parents seeking advice on what to do during pregnancy to those raising and caring for toddlers as they grow, it has become a valuable resource for those tackling parenthood head-on.

Hong Kong Discuss Forum got the top spot in the report. Established in 2003, is one of the most popular forums – and one of the most visited websites – in Hong Kong. Members of HK Discuss are mostly working-class adults and want to exchange ideas on news, entertainment, real estate, relationships, property, and more. The site claims to reach over 10 million unique visitors per month.

Meanwhile, Apple also faced a global outage. Its Apple Music, mobile App Store and podcasts resumed services yesterday, after facing outages for a second straight day. The outage also affected the Mac App Store, Apple Card, Apple Books, iCloud Web Apps and Weather users.


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