Linktree co-founder Anthony Zaccaria talks about the mobile app


Linktree, the creator of the link-in-bio category, recently launched its new mobile app on iOS and Android to allow users to update, optimize and monetize faster.

Linktree’s more than 25 million global users can now create their Linktree, add and manage links, customize their design, and view analytics from their mobile devices.

With the majority of user registrations and logins from a mobile device, Linktree recognized the importance of the app in making the power of Linktree more accessible.

This is the latest evolution of Linktree and the “link-in-bio” category it created, and follows recent announcements including the rebranding of the company and the launch of Linktree Marketplace features. and Web3.

Here, Women Love Tech caught up Anthony Zaccaria, co-founder and CCO at Linktree to learn more.

How is Linktree made more accessible?

Accessibility is key to everything we do. When we designed the Linktree mobile app, it was to reduce the time users spent on administration and more time creating content. And we know that the majority of our users are mobile first, so this was a natural release for us. The app has features that let you link everything you need on the go, customization to suit your theme, analytics to track growth and engagement, and optimize your performance, making Linktree so much more accessible to its users.

Why did he change his name and how?

The rebrand follows the evolution of Linktree beyond being the premier linking tool in bio, so we had to re-imagine the category for ourselves.

Designed in partnership with COLLINS, the rebrand includes a new visual identity system and brand language that puts our creators first and prioritizes global accessibility and deepening connection. These elements include: a new custom typeface that allows optimal accessibility in all languages, a new color palette that expresses our creators, a new logo and a new animated silhouette.

Our rebranding reaffirms Linktree’s leadership in the link-in-bio category, which we originated, and our position as the leading innovator in its progression. We want to empower our creators to better tell their stories by celebrating the many facets of a person’s digital world. With Linktree, users can truly connect to whoever they are.

Linktree launches a mobile application that accelerates updating and monetization.

What are the main benefits of using Linktree?

Linktree empowers its users to link everything they are, whether it’s sharing their content, reaching and growing their followers, or monetizing by centralizing their digital platforms in one place.

Linktree is for anyone with a digital audience of creators, artists, businesses and individuals with a digital following – we want everyone to have access to it and its benefits. Linktree has features and link types that anyone can use based on their specific needs across the goals.

Link tree

With the launch of our mobile app, it puts the power of Linktree in the palm of your hand. It allows users to add and manage links, customize their design, grow their audience, and view analytics from their mobile devices.


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