“List of app permissions” no longer shows on Google Play Store on web and mobile app


Google may have already laid out its plan to remove the “Permissions” listing from PlayStore listings, according to some screenshots from a tech writer.

Previously, the search engine giant had already got rid of the “Updated on” section on similar listings. The “Data security” section, meanwhile, has made its way to the platform. Now you can determine the data usage of the app on your smartphone.

Google removes ‘permissions’ listing from Play Store listing

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List of app permissions not found on Google Play Store.

When you visit the Google Play Store every time you want to install an app or game, you may notice that it has a feature that allows you to easily see the app’s required permissions without going through any process. installation in the first place.

Of course, it’s a huge time saver, especially for people who want to avoid the hassle of downloading apps they don’t need at all.

However, it looks like Google has now removed the “Permissions” section on the Play Store. There’s no way to predetermine the permissions required for each app you want to use.

As XDA Developers spotted via Mishaal Rahman on Twitter, the list of “application permissions” may soon say goodbye to all web and mobile users.

Based on screenshots shared by Esperdeve’s Senior Technical Writer, the latest list update appears to have already dropped the “Permissions” list. This is bad news for people who regularly check the app permissions of a specific software or game.

As of this writing, Google has yet to explain why it ended up removing the useful feature. However, it is expected that the technology firm will officially announce the reason for this sudden withdrawal.

It is possible that it is closely related to the Data Security section, which was recently introduced in the Google Play Store. If this is indeed the case, the company might have realized earlier that this particular section is more convenient and easier to navigate than the removed section.

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What does the ‘Settings Services’ app do on Google Pixel

In another report related to Google, 9to5Google states that the “Settings Services” app is responsible for granting permission to Google Pixel whenever it connects to other devices, sends notifications, etc.

As the Google support page explains, this application has an essential role for the following options: connection to the mobile network, notifications, connected devices and location.

It should be noted that for privacy-conscious users, “settings services” will collect information about your device, including your interactions with apps, credentials, phone, diagnostics, and even crash logs. This will be enabled if you agree to enable “Usage and diagnostics” in the privacy settings.

Meanwhile, Google finally unveiled the latest Android 13 public beta earlier this week. This way, some users will be able to test its stability before its potential release in one to two months.

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