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Loan to temporary workers.

The loan for agency workers is not an easy loan request to fulfill. With a few exceptions, credit approval problems are inevitable. The article provides information on the possibilities and how to overcome credit barriers.

Loan to agency workers – the hurdles

Loan to agency workers - the hurdles

The hurdles to making a loan for temporary workers eligible for approval already exist in the employment relationship. With temporary agency work, a workplace concept was implemented that granted the worker hardly any rights. From the perspective of a lender, the workplace must be classified as “constantly at risk”. Apart from highly qualified engineers who want to gain professional experience, the pay does not correspond to the level of the regular workforce.

For most of those affected, it is not possible to leave the garnishment exemption limits with a temporary worker salary. The wage gap and job insecurity were politically desirable. The agency work should lead back to the “normal” employment relationship. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether the SPD agenda policy is right or wrong. The creditworthiness of a agency worker has definitely fallen victim to this policy.

Loan opportunities for contract workers

Loan opportunities for contract workers

The loan options for agency workers are very limited. Only a few credit opportunities open up on your own. Paradoxically, opportunities arise particularly from the failure of the plan to transfer a temporary worker to a normal job. Since the so-called “sticking effect” failed to materialize and the economy has expanded in recent years, temporary agency work has become a permanent job. The hoped-for adhesive effect occurred at the agency. In spite of poor protection against dismissal, at least a long-term, non-terminated employment relationship can be demonstrated.

Credit opportunities arise especially with small credit requests. The mail order company loan is a classic example of credit options against the background of temporary agency work. With a clean Schufa, a sales loan with a short term and a low loan amount is quite realistic. A small overdraft facility is also possible. However, if you want to make a larger purchase, you need external help or a personal loan.

External help can take the form of a guarantee. The solvent guarantor guarantees the repayment of the debt to the borrower. Thanks to the guarantor’s creditworthiness, larger loans are again possible. The purchase of another vehicle or the renovation of the living space no longer has to be delayed.

It is particularly simple and inexpensive to apply for a small loan from a direct bank together with the guarantor. Repayment periods of up to 84 months are possible in this way even with small loan amounts. A rate that is affordable with the temporary worker salary can be achieved through the long term.

Personal loan for agency workers

Personal loan for agency workers

Loans from private donors have been in high demand in recent years. The dollars crisis and the banking crisis have a direct impact on money business. Investors do not get inflation compensation on the savings book. Borrowers without the best credit rating can only get bank loans under high conditions.

The portals for personal loans create a win-win situation. In this way, investors can earn fair interest on their savings. People with creditworthiness problems have access to credit financing. From person to person and without the bank, there is at least a fair prospect of credit for agency workers.

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