Man loses 4.42 liters after son uses app | Bhubaneswar News

Bhubaneswar: Mischief by a 16-year-old boy has caused his father, a senior forest officer, to lose Rs 4.42 lakh to cyber fraudsters in Kandhamal district.
According to local cyber police, science student Plus-II downloaded an app on his father’s cell phone and clicked on malicious links last week. Within minutes, the crooks fraudulently withdrew Rs 4.42 lakh from his father’s account.
“I was unaware of my son’s manual labor. He was playing with my phone. He downloaded a family loan application. He then put in his name, his Aadhaar card details as well as his own bank account details as well as mine,” said the officer, who is posted at G Udayagiri Forestry Training School in Kandhamal.
The attackers started chatting with the officer’s son on WhatsApp. They lured the victim to avail a loan with a cheap interest rate. Without bringing the matter to the knowledge of his father, the boy replied that he would take a loan of Rs 60,000. The scammers asked him to send a processing fee of 10% of the loan amount.
“Without realizing anything, he shared his father’s bank details and transferred Rs 6,000 from a UPI gateway to his father’s phone. The accused demanded more money and told him that they would pay back all the money with the loan amount. The boy then paid Rs 18,000, Rs 20,000 and Rs 38,800 in phases to the fraudsters,” an officer said.
The boy stopped chatting with the scammers after his father asked him for his phone. The forest officer was surprised when he read the messages of several transactions from his bank account. “I was shocked to see that Rs 4.42 lakh was withdrawn from my account. I asked my son. He showed me the downloaded app and some links,” the officer said.

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