Microsoft is finally bringing Android apps to Windows 11 on the Amazon App Store


Microsoft saw the next generation of Windows for the first time last night – Windows 11. A big draw during the presentation was the addition of Android apps to Windows 11. Microsoft revealed that Android apps work natively. Windows 11 will be available for download from AmazonAppstore, through the new Windows Store that came with Windows 11. Yes, that’s right. Microsoft uses the Amazon App Store to deploy Android apps on Windows 11. Let’s see how this arrangement works.

Windows 11 Android apps are listed in the new Windows Store and can be pinned to the taskbar or captured with traditional Windows apps. Microsoft We have also partnered with Intel to use Intel Bridge technology to keep Android apps running smoothly on Windows 11. Android apps currently work on both. Systems based on AMD and ARM. Microsoft demonstrated that TikTok runs on Windows 11 during a Windows 11 presentation. The Windows Store that Microsoft showcased at the event included Ring, Yahoo, Uber, and more. You can see full access to the Amazon App Store.

It is unclear how many existing devices support Android apps on Windows 11, as Microsoft is promoting Intel Bridge support as the preferred way to run these Android apps.

Microsoft’s decision came after years of companies wanting to bring compatibility between systems. Microsoft was also experimenting with the idea of ​​listing Android apps in the Windows Store shortly before the launch of Windows 10. Windows users can now run Android apps on their computers through Microsoft’s phone features.

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Microsoft is finally bringing Android apps to Windows 11 on the Amazon App Store

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