Microsoft unveils possibility of adopting Steam in new Windows 11 app store


Microsoft’s sudden switch to Windows 11 is a fundamentally more open approach to running its Windows store, and that could mean we’ll see the Steam games listed later. This new open process sees various moves to the Windows app store, including Microsoft interfacing to Amazon’s Appstore to list Android apps and allowing developers to keep 100% of their revenue using platforms. – Outcast party forms. Microsoft additionally needs other alternative app stores like Steam and Epic Games Store to be important for this new Windows app store.

“Windows is successfully hosting these stores from a variety of perspectives, and if we can host it through the Microsoft Store, that’s clear,” Windows and devices chief Panos Panay said in a meeting with The Verge. “Indeed, it implies that others need to go to the store, they are happy. Really, engaged, and that is precisely why we are developing a segment of these policies. Steam has reliably secured a colossal Windows app and game store, and Panay sees a future for the Windows app store where people find the apps they need with little brain to coordinate with them. stores. “I really need that experience where you go to the store, you type in the app and you get the app you need,” says Panay.

While Microsoft tolerates the possibility of an open store, there are a few caveats. Microsoft will allow developers to keep 100% of app revenue if they use elective party platforms, it doesn’t make any difference for games anyway. This is a significant oversight, which comes shortly after Microsoft announced it would cut its revenue reduction from games in the Microsoft Store by 30% to 12% starting August 1.

How this strategy can be applied to take app stores offline is unclear, by a similar token. Microsoft just appears to be releasing Android apps from Amazon’s Appstore to its own store, so it is effectively linked to another store. In the event that Steam somehow figured out how to integrate with the Windows app store, it would most likely be thanks to a close link circumstance, which maintains an essential separation of clearly hosted apps and games. in the Microsoft app store.

This would still be an improvement over what exists on Windows 10 today. If you are setting up another machine, you should search the web for installers, get only a portion of open apps from Microsoft’s Windows store, or use an outcast pack manager to monitor the apps shown. In the event that Microsoft can pull back its long time opening for a store with every window app listed, that will be a significant benefit for every Windows user.


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