Moovit & Mobile App Builder Helbiz Accelerate Global Partnership


Helbiz Inc. (NASDAQ: HLBZ), a global leader in micro-mobility and the first in its industry to be listed on Nasdaq, in partnership with Moovit, an Intel company (NASDAQ: INTC), which is a leader in mobility as a Service Solution Provider (MaaS) and creator of the # 1 urban mobility app, today announced that Helbiz will expand the integration of its electric vehicles within the Moovit app. Through this expanded partnership, Moovit users will have access to Helbiz’s range of micro-mobility vehicles in more than 35 of its operating cities in the United States and Italy, followed by Spain, France and Serbia in the coming months. The two companies will work together to gather valuable information on mobility to further develop their shared vision of reducing congestion globally.

“Providing more alternative options that can easily get people to their destinations is an essential part of a MaaS platform, which is why we are excited about our expansion with Helbiz,” said Yovav Meydad, Director of Growth and Marketing at Moovit. “The partnership will offer users the possibility to travel in a sustainable way, whether for short trips or longer trips using Helbiz vehicles in combination with public transport. This will strengthen our shared mission to help people quit the car and reduce traffic jams. “

“As Helbiz continues to grow in the United States and around the world, we look forward to expanding our partnership with Moovit to ensure our users have access to efficient and sustainable transportation options wherever they are,” said Ruggero Cipriani Foresio, Marketing Director at Helbiz. “We look forward to realizing our vision of building smart cities anchored in green mobility initiatives, and this partnership provides us with invaluable data and information to help us achieve that goal. “

The ongoing partnership allows Helbiz to easily integrate its electric scooters, e-bikes and mopeds into the Moovit app and encourages riders to select these devices as their mode of transportation, thereby reducing congestion on city streets. Moovit also notifies users when a Helbiz device is available nearby, noting how long it will take to walk there, an estimated cost of the trip, and remaining battery life.

With services in 3,400 cities in 112 countries, Moovit provides its base of over 1 billion users with access to the most comprehensive urban mobility information in a single app, including multimodal trip planning, information real-time arrival, service alerts, reservation, contactless payments and electronic tickets to improve efficiency and the overall experience. Helbiz and Moovit can then leverage this information to advance their shared vision of improving and increasing uptake of micro-mobility services.

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