Most Popular Apple App Store Categories in 2022


Annual statistics are important

Collecting statistics is strategically important for app developers and markets in general. It is necessary to understand trends in user demands and needs. Considering the fact that user demands and needs change quite rapidly, it is the availability of statistics for the user’s app store categories that helps determine the course of action for app developers.

What apps do you personally use? Categorize them and see what is useful, so you can draw conclusions. Go to App Store to check apps and improve your quality of life with useful apps.

The most popular application categories at the moment

Want to know which apps for your iPhone will bring you pleasure and benefits when using them? Check best app categories that help users around the world today.

We’ll describe the categories below and provide sample apps that are sure to make a difference when using your device.


As such, the gaming category is at the top of the list of downloadable apps. For your Apple device, you’ll find hundreds of apps to help you relax and improve your day. For example, the most popular easy-to-play game in 2022 is Subway Surfers. Teenagers love it and are happy to share the app with their friends.


For our adult life, work is extremely important. For this reason, applications that help us facilitate our workflow come second. Hundreds of thousands of people install ZOOM Cloud Meetings on their Apple device. It has become extremely popular due to the pandemic which has forced us to work remotely. The simplicity and usefulness of the app is obvious.


Like our work, the principles of education have changed dramatically over the past two years. In order to interest children and adults, teachers use various applications, which have become their main medium.

For example, to attract the attention of children, teachers use all possible tools. Learn each plant, grammar, math, etc. got easier with apps. By using the plant finder app makes learning botany memorable even when you’re at home. Schools and tutors use Lily – Plant because it is as accurate and easy as possible for children and adults. So we can understand that the educational process can bring us not only headaches, but also pleasure.


Utilities is a category that provides essential tools for smartphone users. The fact that Google applications will be at the top of the utility rankings is unlikely to change in the years to come. If you check your devices, you will surely confirm the fact that you are using or have downloaded Google Chrome at least once. This particular browser is the top app in the ranking among other apps in the Utilities category.

Way of life

Download apps for travel, communication, sports and personal improvement. You can fix any problem with apps in this category on your phone. One of the most popular apps has been the app for years. They also successfully share top positions with messengers such as WhatsApp and Viber.

Food and drink

It makes sense that in addition to work and studies, we also need quality food and delivery. Therefore, apps like Uber Eats, McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, etc. still have their respective places. We need to order food and meals every day. Monday to Friday delivery is particularly popular. Therefore, food delivery apps will never drop lower in the app store rankings.


Whether you want to buy items from a certain brand or want to shop online without having specific wishes, having an assistant app is extremely handy. Big companies create their own apps to help you shop more easily. Giants like Amazon Shopping, and also AliExpress Shopping App you can find on almost every smartphone, and they can be considered as the most profitable iOS apps in the world.

Apps can improve your life routine

We probably don’t even notice how we use dozens of apps from different categories every day. Each of them makes our life easier and better. Nowadays, it’s no longer an extra, but rather a routine that brings benefits.

Whether you need to order food delivery, improve your educational process by identifying a plant from a photo, or want to book a hotel, the apps in our categorization will help you with it all.

By choosing an app for yourself from each category, you’ll easily improve all aspects of your life in minutes. Bring variety and fun into your life by finding the best solutions for your daily tasks today.

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