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The Navigate Student app is here and ready to download to your mobile device. In addition to scheduling appointments, this app helps you manage the things you need to do to register and stay on top of your classes. Follow the instructions below to download and start using the Navigate Student app.

Download the app

  1. Download the app by searching Navigate Student in the App Store of your mobile device.
Figure 1. Screenshot of the Navigate Student app appearing in the App Store with “Navigate Student” in the search bar.

Log in

  1. Log in with your NSHE ID and password.
  2. Complete the introductory surveys. (There are three polls.)

NOTE: These surveys only appear once when you download and sign in to the app for the first time. Submissions will allow us to better understand your current situation and connect you with the right resources for you. Once you have completed your surveys, you will be taken to your home page.

Make an appointment

  1. On your home page, select the “Appointment” button in the “Explore” section.
  2. Then select the “Schedule an appointment” button at the bottom of the page.
screenshot of the user's home screen in the Navigate Student app.

Figure 3. Screenshot of the user’s home page after login. Near the top of the screen, the current date and calendar events are displayed. There is an “Explorer” menu with eight options: To-Dos, Appointments, Study Buddies, Resources, Holds, Class Schedules, My Major and Settings.

Screenshot of the Appointment view of the Navigate Student app.

Figure 4. Screenshot of the Appointment section. The section contains three options to select upwards: My appointments, My team, History. The middle section displays the currently scheduled appointments. Near the bottom, there is a blue “Schedule an appointment” button.


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