Netflix is ​​making a weird change to its iOS app


There is a considerable number of Netflix users who prefer to watch on mobile. Mobile screens are not as wide as televisions, but it is assured that watching on mobile is more comfortable. millions of Netflix users use their iOS devices to watch movies and series. There’s no change for current users, but if you plan to sign up for Netflix, you’ll see a different method in the iOS app.

You may realize how similar this new method is to Spotify. If you recall, Spotify does not support Apple Pay or Google Pay in its application. His reason was to run away from the commission percentages of the two platforms. Netflix wants to make more money from its subscription revenue, but it’s brought in a more complex way to sign up.

Netflix makes it harder to sign up on its iOS app

You were able to pay your Netflix subscription invoice with your Apple account payment information so far. But after now the app redirects you to the Netflix website and you have to complete the registration there. This means that you cannot use credits from your Apple account and you must enter your credit card information again. The steps were easier so far, as Apple ID shared all the necessary details with Netflix, providing a smoother experience.

Weird Netflix change makes it harder to sign up on iOS app

You will also be faced with a warning from Apple; here is the full alert:

“Any accounts or purchases made outside of this app will be managed by the ‘Netflix’ developer. Payment methods stored in your App Store account and related features, such as managing subscriptions and requesting refunds, will not be Apple is not responsible for the privacy or security of any transaction with this developer.

You shouldn’t worry about the warning; payment is safe if you are sure you are in the domain. Moreover, Netflix will make more revenue from this change. But there is no announcement on subscription prices, and there probably never will be.


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