Netflix subscribers will soon be able to play Spiritfarer on Netflix’s mobile app


Did you know you can play games on the Netflix phone app? It’s true! Example : Spiritfarerone of the best games of 2020, is coming soon to Netflix subscribers thanks to their little used and often overlooked Netflix games feature.

Developed by indie studio Thunder Lotus Games, the sandbox action game asks players to assume the role of Stella, the new spirit who leads the deceased to the afterlife, after Charon’s retirement . Players manage their own needs and desires as they navigate the seas of the dead to the Everdoor, the final gateway to the afterlife. Players progress by picking up new passengers, fulfilling those passengers’ final requests before moving on, and upgrading their ship to accommodate more passengers. It’s essentially, as the developers describe it, “a comfortable management game about death.”

Nicole Carpenter goes into great detail about the game’s main appeal, writing in her Polygon review that,

Spiritfarer works because the whole game is built around making those connections with the characters, all of whom are complex people with intertwined stories. And neither of the spirits is purely good or bad; some are people leaving a mess behind for others to tackle. Sometimes they are angry with Stella or other people on the ship. They’re challenging in a way that I haven’t often seen in video games. The investment in these characters, however, is what makes the rote mechanics of SpiritfarerThe gameplay feels interesting, as these connections happen organically.

A Netflix press release only said the game is “coming soon” to the app. In the meantime, it still has titles like before your eyes and poinpywhich are also worth checking out, especially if you’re already paying for a Netflix subscription.

An analytics firm said last month that less than 1% of Netflix subscribers are playing the games they are entitled to with their subscription. Don’t be one of them! This article contains everything you need to know to access these games.

Correction: An earlier version of this message said that Spiritfarer was available now. It’s coming soon.” This post has been revised.


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