Neurogine deploys a mobile application to manage liquidity


Neurogine nTrade® Mobile is available on Goggle Play Store and Apple App Store.

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, September 28, 2021 – Neurogine Sdn Bhd, operator of an exciting group of techfins providing mobile banking platform, mobile payment platforms, money brokerage platform based on artificial intelligence (AI) and more, released Neurogine nTrade® Mobile for its corporate and retail users to address liquidity and financial access issues plaguing the industry.

According to Owen Chen, CEO of Neurogine, the Neurogine nTrade® platform currently registers around 2 million RM per week in transactions. “With the release of a dedicated mobile version of Neurogine nTrade® that offers anywhere, anytime access from any smart device or smartphone, we expect the value and volume of transactions to increase dramatically and will potentially exceed RM 10 million per week, ”he said adding Neurogine nTrade® Mobile is now available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

“We understand that while the Forex and Securities financial markets are well established and streamlined, digital fiat / fiat pairs and transactions are very fragmented. Additionally, there are huge price disparities between exchanges, which are caused by the existing limitations where each exchange operates in silos. This effectively limits their offers and subsequently, the prices, ”he explained.

A USD / ETH direct route pairing in exchange A may have a different value in exchange B. Subsequently, a multi-route and multi-pairing approach on multiple exchanges can result in extremely large price improvements. Such efforts are resource intensive, but a main differentiator of Neurogine nTrade® Mobile is its artificial intelligence (AI) engine and unique algorithms, which are fully capable of determining and exploiting multiple rates from multiple exchanges. in a fraction of the time, then depending on the user’s authorization, to lock these tariffs or release them.

“It took Neurogine two years to refine the platform and around six months to fully develop Neurogine nTrade® Mobile, which is completely designed and engineered by Malaysian talent, unlike others. This is indeed an important milestone for us and reflects Malaysia’s goal of being an innovation-driven nation, ”he said, adding two-factor authentication (2FA) to verify that User identities are used to enhance access security.

The commercial deployment of Neurogine nTrade® Mobile has been entrusted to Neurogine Capital (L) Ltd. System Operator Company (OSP). This offers greater transparency and greater user protection since two versions are now available.

The enterprise version of Neurogine nTrade® Mobile is positioned as a white label solution for banks, financial institutions and authorized money services businesses, which can customize the application and rename it as their own, with minimal capital expenditure . “We can complete the personalized version within three months to help accelerate their digitization plans and retain their account holders, while still adhering to Know-Your-Customer processes, customer due diligence procedures, anti-debt requirements. money laundering and financial terrorism. ”

Meanwhile, the commercial version of Neurogine nTrade® Mobile is being rolled out to its current users, the majority of whom are from the US, UK, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand and Albania. “We have two new features; micro-transactions and price alerts. The first is that the minimum amount for any transaction now starts at USD 25 or MYR 104. Our micro-transaction feature provides a low-risk starting point and responds to the many requests we have received. There are no commissions or hidden charges and it is very reassuring and appealing to retail users who are starting their journey in this market. We hope this will help democratize accessibility to global markets for millions of people in this region.

The second is the price alert. “Users can configure targeted pricing for a specific digital asset and receive active alerts when the market reaches the configured targeted pricing. The market has been volatile over the past few months and getting good rates requires prolonged monitoring. Many of our users have requested Price Alert so that they can take advantage of the rates they are looking for without having to spend so much time monitoring the markets. This feature gives our users peace of mind and offers a lot of convenience.

Neurogine extends its direct accessibility from four exchanges to eight exchanges by next March. “The increase in the number of exchanges translates into better access to a much larger pool of liquidity. We are in the process of integrating our platform with a fifth exchange and such direct access will benefit all users of our platform, ”he said, adding that the new exchanges are Huobi, ErisX, Coinbase and BinanceUS. The Neurogine nTrade® platform already has direct access to OKCoin, Liquid, Kraken and Binance since 2019.

“We also recently introduced the availability of four new digital fiats; ADA, BNB, DOGE and DOT, in addition to BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and USDT and two executive orders; USD and EUR, which, cumulatively, are the 10 most attractive in the world on several global exchanges. We believe it is important and fully support financial innovations and access to new financial services. This brings us closer to our goal of democratizing financial access in this region and, in our own way, helping to ensure shared prosperity in the digital economy, ”he said.


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Neurogine Sdn Bhd operates an exciting group of techfins and develops technologies for mobile banking, mobile payment, money brokerage and more for banks, financial institutions, licensed money services firms, businesses and retail users. Neurogine’s flagship technology includes nPay®, a fully integrated mobile payment solution with geolocation amenities and payment options, nBank®, a full suite of mobile banking platforms, nCard®, near-field communication technology (NFC ) and token service, nTrade®, an AI-based, multi-routing, multi-pairing, money brokerage platform and more. The group includes two companies licensed from Labuan operating in the headquarters of the Labuan International Trade and Financial Center, with the Labuan Financial Services Authority as the regulator. The two are Neurogine Capital (L) Ltd, a licensed money brokerage firm and a licensed payment system operator (PSO), and Neurogine DX (L) Ltd, a licensed credit token operator.

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