New Windows 11 App Store available for testing, but you can’t download Android apps yet – Phandroid


Microsoft launched a bombshell last week with the announcement of Windows 11. Not only is it arguably the biggest Windows update ever, but you’ll finally be able to download and install Android apps on your machine. Windows. No, Microsoft and Google are not bringing the Play Store to your computer, as Microsoft has instead partnered with Amazon to bring its App Store to the billions of Windows users.

Microsoft has already caught quite a bit of criticism lately, as the basic Windows 11 requirements have been revealed. Some of the requirements include an available and enabled TPM 2.0 chip, which could potentially leave those who have built a custom PC in the dark. Even some of Microsoft’s current lineup hardware products aren’t compatible with Windows 11, like the Surface Studio 2 which starts at $ 3,499.

Today, Microsoft released the first Insider Preview for Windows 11, allowing you to try out the all-new interface, as well as the updated Microsoft Store. However, if you were hoping to be able to jump on the preview and start installing apps, you’ll be a bit disappointed. It appears that this framework is not yet ready for prime time and is not currently available.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Insider Preview is no different from other beta versions of the software. It is an unfinished product that Microsoft must present to developers so that the bugs can be fixed before the official release later this year. We’re currently in the process of installing Insider Preview on our Surface Pro X and custom desktop PC, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated on when Android apps finally land on Windows 11.


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