NFL Week 9 results, highlights, updates, schedule: Patriots intercept Sam Darnold for third time


It’s the ninth Sunday of the 2021 NFL season and we keep you up to date with all the action and bigger storylines throughout the day. The Week 9 Slate has some fantastic matchups and storylines, and we’re here to help you watch it unfold. Check back often to find out all you need to know.



Colts 45, Jets 30 (Recap)


Falcons to Saints (GameTracker)
Invoices at Jaguars (GameTracker)
Browns to Bengals (GameTracker)
Broncos at Cowboys (GameTracker)
Texans with dolphins (GameTracker)
Raiders at Giants (GameTracker)
Vikings in Ravens (GameTracker)
Patriots at Panthers (GameTracker)
Chargers at Eagles, 4:05 p.m. ET (Preview)
Cardinals at 49ers, 4:25 p.m. ET (Preview)
Packers at Chiefs, 4:25 p.m. ET (Preview)
Titans at Rams, 8:20 p.m. ET (Preview)

On Monday

Bears at Steelers, 8:15 p.m. ET (Preview)

Josh Allen intercepts Josh Allen!

One Josh Allen was supposed to dominate Sunday’s game between the Bills and Jaguars, and he wasn’t the third-year rusher. Still, Jacksonville’s Josh Allen turned the game around with seven solo tackles (two loss), one pass, one sack and, most recently, a massive interception to put the Jaguars on the Buffalo 30-yard line.

The Patriots D are coming big

The Patriots high school fueled New England’s victory over the Chargers last week, and it was once again important in Carolina. The unit intercepted Sam Darnold three times, the second coming from JC Jackson, whose 88-yard touchdown return put the Patriots in double digits.

McKinney at home

The Raiders are officially on high alert after Xavier McKinney jumped right in front of Hunter Renfrow to intercept the pass and sail the other way for a score of 41 yards. The giants advance 17-13.

Allen fires Allen!

For the first time in NFL history, a player sacked another player with the same first and last name. In the dying moments of the first half, Bills quarterback Josh Allen was looking to put Buffalo within shooting range. Jaguars rusher Josh Allen had different ideas, however, dragging his counterpart down to a 10-yard loss. To make matters more interesting, both players were selected seventh in consecutive NFL Draft.

INT revenge game!

Two games with the Panthers, two interceptions for 2019 NFL Defensive Player of the Year Stephon Gilmore. His last game came against his former team, the New England Patriots, as he cut the slanting road to put Carolina into enemy territory.

The Patriots have 126 total yards. by a quarter and a half against the Panthers. Fourth-round rookie Rhamondre Stevenson has 74 on just five touches, including a 41-yard reception and 13-yard scamper. On the next play, Damien Harris crossed the line for a three-yard score.

Mike Gesicki twist, one hand grip

No one would have faulted Gesicki for not pulling off Jacoby Brissett’s errant pass, but the tight end made the backup quarterback look really good with that twisted one-handed snag with a defender on the back.

Teddy Covers extends Denver’s lead

Teddy Bridgewater is 20-2 in his career as an underdog on the road, and he’s on his way to his 21st early cover against the Broncos. His perfect pass to Tim Patrick on the left side resulted in a 44-yard touchdown and gave the Broncos a 13-0 advantage.

Direct hook score

Myles Gaskin channeled his inside Ronnie Brown, taking the direct shot, pacing the line of scrimmage, finding a role on the right side and squeezing into the end zone from six yards. The Dolphins have the lead at the start of a battle between 1-7 teams.

Jefferson takes the defense

After an uninspiring prime-time performance against the Cowboys, the Vikings seemed to have regained their offensive skills early on against the Ravens. It helps to have All-Pro Justin Jefferson, who flew behind the defense, caught Kirk Cousins’ pass in stride and streaked into the end zone.

99-yard INT return TD

It looked like the Bengals were going to strike first in a crucial AFC North battle, but on third and goal of 3, Joe Burrow choreographed his pass to Ja’Marr Chase and Denzel Ward took advantage, jumping the road and taking all. the way home from a 99-yard touchdown to open the scoring.

Danny Dimes strikes first

Evan Engram had a touchdown all last season. He’s now two in as many weeks, as he jumped over a defenseman to catch a 30-yard touchdown from Daniel Jones.

The betting market does not consider the absence of Tua to be significant

When future Packers Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers landed on the COVID-19 roster earlier this week, the points spread shifted to a touchdown in the direction of the Chiefs for the ordeal Week 9 strength. The week before, when wide receiver Davante Adams missed the Cardinals game with COVID, the line shifted to a field goal in Arizona’s favor.

Tua Tagovailoa obviously isn’t Rodgers or Adams, but he who didn’t start the Texans game with a fractured finger had to move the gap point by a decent amount, right? Apparently not.

On Sunday morning, 1-7 Miami was among the favorites at 5.5 points against 1-7 Houston. But since news of the second-year caller propelling veteran Jacoby Brissett into the starting role, the line has moved to the -4 Dolphins. And given that the points gap hasn’t crossed a key number (seven, six, four, three, etc.), players don’t think Tagovailoa’s absence should have much of an impact on the result. global.


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