Okta and Secure Code Warrior join forces to reduce risk of developers committing insecure code


Okta and Secure Code Warrior have collaborated to deliver a new solution: the Secure Code Warrior (SCW) Connector for Okta Workflows, which enables organizations and developers to write secure code early in the software development lifecycle ( SDLC).

By applying a security-first mindset, organizations can design an identity workflow that protects builds early in the lifecycle, giving organizations the flexibility to only provide access to the GitHub repository security-savvy developers. This helps organizations promote a culture of security, while the SCW learning platform enables developers to meet these standards and requirements. Organizations have implemented this solution across their application, security, and engineering teams to provide that extra layer of security.

Preventing insecure code and providing better access control during software development remains an important need for industries across all verticals. Meanwhile, developers recognize the importance of delivering secure software applications, but face competing priorities. According to SCW’s recently released “The State of Developer-Driven Security Survey, 2022”, 67% knowingly left vulnerabilities and exploits in their code, with a lack of time and a consistent approach cited as the top two barriers adopting secure coding. practices.

“This new solution will help organizations reduce the risk of developers committing insecure code by ensuring employees are aware of the latest vulnerabilities and secure coding techniques. Thanks to our collaboration with Okta on a security skills check, AppSec managers can be confident that the team is engaging secure code without moving developers out of their workflow. Now leaders can focus on broad strategic efforts to improve the organization’s security posture without sacrificing quality or time. said Pieter Danhieux, co-founder and CEO of Secure Code Warrior.

“Okta Workflows provides a no-code, low-code approach to automating identity-centric processes at scale. As early adopters of Workflows Connector Builder, we’re excited to have the new Secure Code Warrior connector in the Okta Integration Network, which goes beyond single sign-on and provisioning to support advanced onboarding flows. Developers can be confident that their secure code knowledge is up-to-date and relevant to the code they are validating,” said David Shackelford, Okta Principal.

The Secure Code Warrior Connector for Okta Workflows uses key components from both companies’ technology platforms to benefit organizations and developers:

  • Preconfigured actions allow developer teams to quickly create desired workflows in a no-code/low-code environment, without having to go into the complexity of API calls.
  • Once the workflow is ready, it runs automatically and can be customized based on frequency.
  • Secure Code Warrior’s learning platform provides information on developer assessment score and course progress, giving teams the information they need to determine their security skills during the course. writing code.
  • Organizations have the option to allow access to the GitHub repository only to security competent developers.


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